Without Using a Name
To Understand
The Value Judgements Of The Society
The Truth - The Metaphor
Women Are Very Difficult

The Strongest Feeling

A Relationship
To Be Able To Awaken
We love our cocoon very much
To Be Patient And Quick
The Expert
Beyond Time
To Keep Away From The Idiot

To Keep a Secret
Falling into emptiness
A Matter Of Capacity
Looking For A New Snythesis
Do We Know Really Know What We Want
The Preordainement

The wrong knowledge, The wrong analysis and The wrong comments
Being Naked
Towards Scientific Thinking


Philosophy and Mysticism
Are Instincts Physiological?

Victor Hugo and The God
Hadiths, Questions and Comments -6-
Two Pieces Of  Bread and One Bottle Of Milk
A one to one conversation with Prof.Dr.Kerem Doksat
Sufficient nutrition in the brain factor
The Art Of Thinking
To Know and To Live

I Have Asked Prof.Dr. Doksat
Our Brain
To Benefıt From The Regret
The Tiger and the Snow
The Memoirs Of A Geisha
Is The Twelfth   Imam The Expected Mahdi?
The Phantom of the Opera
The Fear
To Be Possessive
To Be An Educator
The Holiness Complex
Worse Than Alzheimer
The Degenerating Society
The Obsession For Status
The Main Principles of  Fasting
The Difference Between Having Belief  and Having Certitude
Are We Aware
The Weakening Of The Belief
To Live Without Exaggerating
The Definition Of Islam
The Genetic Repair
The Unseen Aspect
The Bonds And The Traditionds
I want to Perceive The Quran
What Do We Have In Our Data Base?
Love is After More Intense Love
THE SECRET – The Power of  False Conjectures
Don't Worry Be Happy!
The Mutation Behind The Human Being

The teachings of  a pillow
Astrology and Fortune Telling
Self criticism within the framework of  being rational and the physical outlook
Loosing Belief
Living (Practicing) the Values
Who is Preparing Your Parachute
What The Evolved Human Being is Doing
Mystical Thinking In London (1)
Mystical Thinking In London (2)
The Point
The Family Consept
O…! Eba Bekr...
The Multidimensional Universe
An Analysis Abuot Consept of Trouble
What is The Problem?
To Be Serious
To Able To Forgive
One of Us
The Things That Every Mortal Will Face
How to be a Person Who Has Reached His Essence, His Truth
Being Aware of Timelessness in Time
A Human Profile
Let Us Talk, But What?
To Boast
The Culture of Empathy or the Mirror Neurons

It's Necessary to Define Being Powerless

Re-Discovery of the Human Being

To be Hurt

To be Able to Apply of Teachings of Allah's Resul (S.a.v)


Can we Ask a Question

The Modern Muslim Individual


While Teaching

Being Able to Aware

Having Courage to Confront

The Confession of not Being Able to Know Allah

Like A Lamb

Knit one, Purl one

Finding it Strange and Odd



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