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     Perspective means a point of view (a particular way of considering something).

     It is also called “perspektif” in Turkish.

     This concept is used in the society for the points of view of  those individuals who approach for instance the daily matters  or the issues that cannot be solved in a different way.

     And it is expressed as they are looking at the matter  from a different perspective”.

     If, there is a different exaggerated point of view, then it is implied as a joke that “he or she has a blurred vision”.

     It is not possible to expect that every thought/idea  would always reflect “the truth”. Naturally, there will be “incorrect” points of view as well.

     Although the two approaches seem to be an alternative for one another consequently, they are both the result of   a point of view.

     Sometimes, it is seen that although some perspectives look quite accurate/realistic, they don’t really reflect the truth. This is due to the fact that regarding that subject an in depth investigation could not have been made (and the studies were left) on the   surface.

     No matter how pure or good the intensions are, if there are problems in the outcome, then it will be referred as ‘’the point of view is not accurate and it is wrong’’.

     People may evaluate a writer’s article” in various ways from  different points of view. There might be objections  or  depending on the reader’s point of view the points that are in harmony with this can be stated.

     On the other hand, when an individual talks about a subject to make his point, if the people around oppose him, not listen to him, to say it more openly if they insult and harass him, then this is not expressing a point of view, but openly an attempt to deviate from the human behavior pattern.

     The reason is that, there is a certain picture, style, image in the (opponents’) heads and this picture is so “conservative and blocking” that it is almost regarded as  a  God to be worshipped. They want everything to be in accordance with the sayings of  that  God  and they don’t like any changes at all.

     Therefore, in their points of view there is not much courage, intellectual, philosophical depth or consistency  and  sturdy principles.

     So, a point of view interferes during this process, even in times of disagreement it puts an effort to “conclude the discussion” and  covers up the things that are nonsense.

     If, there is no violence involved, then even for those who choose to see it this way, it can be said that, that is their point of view.

     Besides, some events are important in terms of “how serious it is how it is going to end up”, whereas for those who cannot grasp the importance of it, these events can be perceived as “ordinary, simple matters or empty talks”.

     These two different points of view will surely explain what we mean.

     During our life-times as well as  throughout history there had been  people who had different opinions and different beliefs.

We have been witnessing some incidents such that due to looking from different perspectives, even those who belong to the same religion and who do not share the same opinion accuse one another and even murder.

     Eventually, the price paid for this is loosing the human traits. 

     That is to say, those who look/act like opponents should know “where to stop and respect the other’s opinions, so that they could also gain respect and everything can go well”.

     Today, there are people who attain/embrace “the oneness approach” and live their lives accordingly, whereas there are also people who may not have  heard this concept in their entire lives before.

     The important thing is that, one side should accept the other side’s opinion within the possible parameters even though it doesn’t suit him/her and show the courage to admit that the words of  the other side are right.

     Otherwise, from wherever you look, the reality will turn out to be a place of chaos/ fear where everybody speaks from their abdomen (with the command of their second brain) and consequently, it is not possible to get offended by it.

     Briefly, if we want to reach a certain point, we should listen to all the opposite points of view and the practices that do not appeal to our nature and character very carefully and live with them side by side and give them the some right, build a dialog in this way and thus we should not limit ourselves.

     The more we apply this to our lives, the more we establish the security for our society and ourselves, and prevent the outbursts.

     As the world experiences its ongoing change, such a point of view (such an approach) brings in prestige to the human  and the society.

     This is one of the most beautiful examples of becoming unified (becoming one ).


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Fethiye - 17.10.2010