Since the young ages some people have regarded belief as their mission, they  had  the necesary wisdom to take over responsibilities, they had a deep love for Allah and the  eagerness to help others. However, it seems that  in time they seem to be losing these. 

In all of  these clever, courageous, honest,  determined  individuals with good manners from where does this weakening in the belief  come out and how?  Have you ever investigated this matter?

Such an individual  criticizes very much the hypocracy of  the ones who have a rebellious attitude,  their artificial behaviour, their insufficiency and declares this openly to their faces. Then, when he does the same things  nothing remains from this criticizing attitude.

This is incredible, but it happens and it surprises me. 

He had approached all the subjects necessary for the belief with endless energy, had spent the utmost effort for this subject, but, now he is veiling  himself from  Haqq by simple, cheap excuses. He leaves  aside the science, the philososphy, so he turns out to be an ignorant, confused person who has lost his values.

The Kuran al Karim warns us on this subject and says ‘’Ve men kane fiy hazihi a’ma fehuve filahireti a’ma ve edallu sebiyla’’ (Whoever is blind in this world, then he will be blind in the aqhirat, the after life realm  too and he will be more confused) Isra-72

My Dear Friends,

Why does it happen, why cannot the humans  know the value of  their most precious treasure?

There must be some reasons for this.

Yes, there are several factors for the weakening in the belief. Now, let us examine these.

The first reason is that  the individual cannot make enough use of  the influences coming from the planet Chiron. As you know, when a person receives the influences of Chiron , then his energy of  belief increases.  When the  influences of this planet are weakened  then, the individual makes fewer evaluations regarding the meanings,   The prayers are delayed, moreover they come to a stopping a point.  This is the most powerful sign indicating that the belief  has become weaker.

Another important factor is that the individual spends much effort to earn his living, but with no result, so he gets carried away  by the hopelessness created by this situation.  

Unfortunately, the other reason is  the  explanations of  the religious men (some religious officials).   Please, read their first and last speeches.  There isn’t any difference between them and they are totally ridiculous.  These effect  the life of belief.   All the values which are actually tied to a weak thread of cotton (as the old saying states meaning that they are very weak)  just evaporate.

In the end, the son of  man gets stuck more  in the quicksand and we cannot make the differentiation.

The religious knowledge is  mentioned  together with politics and with the false, rumours in the news. The meaningless speeches,  the explanations which are not based on the science and the mind  are frightening.

Such people have big pictures in the newspapers and the press.

Believe it or not, the thesis put forth by a scientist does not have so much coverage in the press and to tell the truth it does not attract the attention as much as this. 

Moreover,  some people with belief take as a reference the surrender in a certain direction (of thought, understanding), but in the end this belief is being shaped up under the name of tariqat. This is also another negative factor.

At first, this situation seems to be acceptable, but later on it is left aside thinking that it is deceptive and the people start speaking against these.  All these disturb the  psychology of  the individuals who remain silent and lead a humble life.

Another different aspect  is that the people do not trust one another.

All the negativity created by this and similar conditions, the dislike among people, their insensitivitiy (towards one another), their hopelessness and the lack of interest trouble the individuals and cause him to be carried away into a chaos in living the point of belief. 

Yes, we are witnessing how  a lifetime spent on the path to belief is being wasted  in the dimension of existence-disappearance (non existence).    It is being torn into pieces by those with  militaristic views who only think about their own benefits and want to be popular in the mass media.  In such a case  there are new dangers that one has to face as well as becoming the toy of  the Satan.

May you remain with love may Allah be your helper.


Istanbul, September 30.2006

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