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     Let us say that to be able to reach some things and to conclude them is associated with a special approach.

     What is that approach?

     We can say to be able to pay attention!

     A person can only manage to stay upright and get the result of what he has aimed for if only he can utilize this fundamental quality.

     Whatever issue you  discuss or try to read (understand/perceive), it has very close relation with paying special attention to that point.

     However, it would be right to say that the irrational factors weaken this attribute and make it invalid (unusable).

     It is possible to keep this argument going

     I can summarize the points I have mentioned above as follows:

     If, the son of man wants to create a life style especially in accordance with his beliefs , then he has to be very careful in understanding the existing data .

     This is what wisdom requires.

     The reason is that it is important for this attribute of paying attention to become activated both for him and his surroundings.  Those who dont pay attention cannot form a foundation for the religious segments of the society.

     This also becomes an indication of experiencing some difficulties in being productive (for sharing knowledge)-broadening ones  mind.

     It is necessary to accept that a person who chatters looses his concentration. The details cannot be quite distinguished. Therefore, what is really meant cannot be understood.

     From time to time, when the individual  finds the opportunity to perceive the matter  on which he has  focused thoroughly, it is possible that it would backfire due to his lack of attention.

     As a result, when the approaches dissolve immensely, the coefficient of dissolving increases.

     It is vital that this ability should show continuity  in order not to give a chance to any possible distresses.

     Attention, contrary to what is assumed, is obtained by getting away from all the unrelated points and details instead of focusing on merely one point.

     Researchers are showing that when a stimulus comes from the point on which attention should be focused, then the mind has the possibility to process this stimulus more easily and for a longer period.

     If, there is more than one matter to which one has to pay attention, then  this lowers the performance of  the neurons that are going to process these within the required time frame. The activities of the neurons become less talented and limited thus, we can say, the attention is getting weaker.

     Moreover, ones point of view regarding  a  very important subject  inevitably becomes very ordinary (looses its importance).

     The reason is it is difficult for the neuron rotations/ cycles to catch the stimuli having less than 200 to 400 milliseconds of time intervals.

     Another detail related to this matter is, attention has a synchronic movement with the time concept. The attention is distracted when the matter spreads over a long period of time. It can even go further to the point of forgetting and never to be remembered.

     Nevertheless, the attention goes up when focused on things that take place within the short time periods (instants).

     It is possible to come to this conclusion: By means of the short time spans the individual has been  able to focus his attention  and the desired result has been achieved.

     In other words, the shorter the time period, the better the concentration (the better the attention).

     Sometimes, in our daily lives, we might miss out many things or simply cannot  notice. We only get the chance to distinguish the matter that needs to be realized more clearly when someone who is more talented than  us warns us (brings our attention to that matter).

     On the other hand  we choose to avoid some things. Our purpose is to protect ourselves and those who are around us from the things that we think are dangerous.

     The crucial point is, only a few people in the world can become aware of  the truth, thanks to their attention capacity, and know how they can utilize this attribute.

     Sometimes, we say I couldnt notice/ It slipped from my attention!

     This time we get our eyes wide open.

     We cannot appreciate and comprehend  the contemporary level of culture, knowledge and the means of communication; we cannot  regard them as essential as air and water for the life of  the society and the individual. In addition to these we cannot get concentrated, therefore we cannot find the solutions to the problems.  

     As a result, there is no change, no transformation-expansion  in our lives.

     Sometimes, we  give false answers to the questions addressed to us due to our distracted state of mind.

     The reason is this attribute  namely, the mechanism called attention cannot be made active.

     This time we start  slipping towards a shaky ground.

     These are all happening because of distraction.

     However,  those who have the ability to evaluate, in other words, who act with full concentration, place themselves on top of the list of the most serious and the most successful people.

     Consequently, they look at the future more confidently.

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stanbul - 15.12.2010