Did you know that there is a repair mechanism, in our body, in our cells  or to put it more correctly in our genetic structure.  With the help of  this mechanism  we can continue to live without problems upto a certain extent.

This means that we owe much to these repair mechanisms which help our first genetic formation  in the mother’s womb and afterwards in the following years they help to keep our body straight which will take us through life for 70-80 years both qualitatively and quantitatively.

If, these mechanisms had not been present, then our personal ‘’Genome’’, namely our genetic structure, would be damaged rapidly and our body would be bombarded from outside in different ways.  The various organs in the body would loose their  functions rapidly  or  the highly fit bodies would turn into monsters.

It can be hard  to imagine  a community consisting of   humans  in whom  the genetic repair mechanism is out of use.  In some human beings some parts  of  this mechanism are out of order so,  there are various illnesses that come out due to this fact.(they have various kinds of illnesses/problems).

Then, what is this repair mechanism? When the DNA which supports the functions of our body and helps to keep our body functioning well is damaged, then the DNA maintenance team starts to act immediately. 

‘’....They cut off  the damaged portions of  the DNA and leave them out and replace them with new pieces similar to the original’’.  This is what  Orhan Bursalý says in his article ‘’Protect your genetics’’ in the newspaper ‘’Cumhuriyet’’.

On the other hand,  in the newspaper  Akţam (dated January 9th,2000)  I had referred to similar points in my article named ‘’Sexuality and the Genes’’ and  with  the analysis I had made  I had brought  a little clarity to this repair process.

While I am  stating  my opinion  regarding this subject I am thinking that I have placed at least a building stone  like Mr.Orhan Bursali (for the explanation of  this subject).

Briefly, my article was based on ‘’the thing necesary for building up sexuality’’.  Here, are the quotes from some important parts:-

‘’Sexuality plays an important role in correcting the defects  in the DNA, because it restricts  the mutations that lead to defective DNA formation.

This restriction process takes place during the sexual contact when the man and the woman are physically joined together. At this very instant  the repair enzymes take  away the defective code.

The human generations that have come into being approximately 4 billion years ago could continue their lives in a healthy way by means of sexuality in spite of  all the changes that have taken place over time.  Sexuality, has also provided the means to unite the genetic data transferred from the mother and the father and in addition to these it enabled the additional information (apart from the characteristics of the parents) to become manifest  in the following  new generations.

To say it shortly, sexuality is a very advanced, developed system which repairs the genes that carry all the information about the existence, which keeps the mutations and the defects and the disorders under control so that the genes are preserved in a healthy manner. As a result, that  species, in spite of all the micro and the macro changes can survive and keep on repairing themselves from the pool of  the common characteristics and have new formations every moment....’’

Meanwhile, there is another subject which I feel I have to mention is the point that the repair of  the gene is not arranged solely by the internal  mechanism.

Sexuality is a proof of  this. This factor, being an influence coming from outside has been successful in doing the thing which the internal repair mechanism was unable to do.

This shows that the interference made from outside is quite important.  The most significant example for this is seen in Mysticism, in the subject of Zhikr. The individual, by repeating certain words, may program the cells that have not been programmed or he can bring the less programmed ones (the weaker ones) upto a certain level or repair the defective group of cells and turn them into their original states.

In my discussions I was telling my opinion and I used to say that one cell could program the other by a pressure coming from outside.  However, I have learned that once a cell programmed it cannot be reprogrammed again, but only the ones that are idle  could be programmed.  However, this idea did not seem to be so logical to me.

 This idea about  ‘’the empty cells’’.

How can such a thing happen? Then, this is not in accordance with the decree that says ‘’Each one acts in the direction of  its own plumbline’’

To tell the truth I couldn’t help thinking about this.   This was a difficult criticism which should not be overlooked, but I had to understand it.

I am thinking that such an approach may adversely affect  the quality of caliphate  and veil the One that exists in every particle with all the aspects (the essence, the qualities and the beautiful names).

However, I am not insisting on this and I am not saying ‘’This should  be as I have said’’.

I say ‘’If,  such a statement has been made, then I do not bother much about it’’ and in the end I believe and leave it aside.

May you remain with love and may you be entrusted to Allah...

Mecca, October 23rd, 2006

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