There is a foggy  photograph in front of us.

We see it, we feel its existence, we sense it, we perceive it, we witness it, but we cannot name it yet. 

Actually, it is not impossible to name it, but we hesitate doing it and we cannot reflect it. We are afraid that if we emphasize the end point in naming we shall feel strange (bad).

As can be understood, the subject of religion which has been turned upside down and which has been defined incorrectly  will be completely externalized  in the coming days.  In addition to this,  it will be considered as non existent at an accelerated speed and by various tricks this subject will be erased from the Turkey’s life, from the society permanently.

We, as a great majority, are not aware of  the chemistry of our situation We are thinking that Islam can be lived/practiced only by attending the special salat of  bairam (the religious feasts).

Television and the media are supposed to be educational tools, but they only work one sidedly Nobody asks religion oriented questions

If, anyone does ask, then he is accused of being a fundemantalist or favoring sharia.

Nobody cares about the future /the after life.

Well, then, what is happening?

Loss of belief, being worthless, low quality, deteriorated manners are going on at full speed.

When I asked a young sister of ours  who goes to school in Germany, but who does not cover her head ‘’What is the attitude towards the female students who are wearing a turban?’’ her answer was :-

Students who wear turban are not being favored as before. When we ask the reason why they say ‘’You do not respect yourselves, then why should we respect you?’’

Yes, that is exactly true.

Can you believe this!

Please do not say ‘’Can a Muslim do this to another Muslim?  Is it possible to do  such a bad thing?’’

As can be seen they are certainly doing it. 

Getting covered (covering the head) is a holy order It does not have any relation by the human being becoming modern (contemporary)/by renewing himself.

Even if  this hurts and makes sad  it will be necessary to give a specific name to this situation  so that the society will know itself.

This, at least would help to awaken the people who are reluctant to see the reality and become aware of some things

Regarding this position in which  Turkey has been placed  we can say very reluctantly that we are losing our belief  as time goes by.

And the son of   man does not see anything wrong in transforming himself  to this position with his eyes closed.

Ýstanbul, February 24 th 2008



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