The number of  the cells/circuits in the brain which form the thoughts/ the depth of  the consciousness have very few activities.   Now, you may ask the  question ‘’How could you reach such a conclusion?’’

In order to prove this fact  there is no need to spend much effort.

We can  already see plenty of  concrete data!

Just look around and find out how many people you can see who can use their minds,  who keep away from formalism/from the conditionings and  who can act in accordance with the  universality  in a conscious manner.

You will agree with me, because  such people are as few as the fingers of  a hand or may be less. 

The lack of thinking brings up  the concept of being underdeveloped especially in the Islamic world.  However,  this habit  of  staying behind and being underdeveloped cannot go on.

In order to be able to make more clear evaluations,  it is necessary to place the utmost importance to the positive sciences and in short it is necessary to be in tune with the scientific findings and conditions of  our  time.

In making  the religious comments taking as a basis  the technical discoveries of  this age and approaching the subject from this point does not belittle the individual, but  in return it will make one exalted  and it will give the desired results. 

As a matter of fact, for centuries long repeating the same things again and again in the same unchanging style is a type of  behaviour which is never  approved by the creator too.

My dear friends;

The function of  getting adapted to the developing technology/the century is the duty of  the human being  who is accepted as the best of  all the created beings and who is  the caliph.   We cannot expect  some outsiders to come and change the understanding of  the human being as well as the society.  There is not such a power and it is impossible for such a power to exist.

As a matter of  fact,  in the Koran-al Kerim the great Haq says ‘’So long as a society does not change its conditon Allah will not change it’’ (Rad-11).  The interpretation of  this verse is ‘’Allah never accepts the human being to be idle and pasified’’.

Let us  see  how the deceased poet of our country Mehmet Akif who had lived approximatley 100 years ago complains about being underdeveloped in the following lines:-

Why is Ýbn-i Sina absent? Where is Gazali, let us see.
Where are the scientists like Seyid,  like Razi?
Your greatest superiority is
To look at five or  ten commentaries and
Find a very simple/dry meaning.
Is it possible to satisfy the needs of 
This religion by means of the masterpieces
That have become  700 years old? 
No, never!
We must take the inspiration directly
From the Koran and let the
Perception (realisation) of  the century speak about Islam.
This cannot be done by simple determination,
But it needs science.
I cannot see such a man that powerful,
If there is one you show me.

Today, there is a very strong  need for scientific, explanotory knowledge as well as  the men of wisdom who are in tune with this age and who will enlighten the society.

Now, the time has come to refer to the science unconditionally in order to understand the basic indicators of Islam and its main principles. 

London, November 2nd, 2004


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