THE ART OF  THINKING (The art of  being able to think)

As a society, our primary handicap is not being able to use our mind and we lack the ability to think clearly.

Thinking, but the important thing is the way of  thinking!

When I am talking about this concept I am not talking about thinking that has a simple basis.  What I mean is the absolute, correct thinking.  The appropriate thoughts that are right, the difference in the correct way of thinking brings out the real meaning from a verbal statement, from an article or from a film unlike the way of  thinking which remains on the surface (which does not cover the whole subject).

For example, the understanding and the statements of Maturidi and Es’ari are accepted and they are an invitation to this concept. Maturidi says  ‘’Allah has created everything with a reason. It is the duty of  the  learned, the scholar to try to discover and find out  the first  reason’’ and this logic forms the essence of  the thoughts.   Also, Es’ari says ‘’It is not necessary to investigate the reasons for the events or for the beings.  It is necessary to know the first reason and be satisfied with that.’’

A teaching of Plato comes to my  mind about thinking. The famous thinker refers to this point and approaches the subject by saying ‘’Between knowing and not knowing there is a concept named as ‘the correct thinking’’.

From the point of  being serious about the ideas on  correct thinking the words of  Goethe should be taken into consideration too. ‘’Nothing is alone in the nature. Everything in the nature is interconnected with the things at  the front, at the back, on the above, beneath, on the left and on the right.’’.

In the Koran-al Karim, in many parts,  the son of  the human is insistently being invited to think  and he is asked to utilize  the functions of  and the abilities of his mind. Beneath all the factors that lead the humans to unhappiness or make them uneasy  lies the inability to think!

The individual who is able to think  is ready to be criticised. He does not interfere in gossip and he tries to stay away from the people who produce gossip, he does not plant the seeds of  enmity after  seeing/understanding how a matter will end up.  He knows who does what and for what purpose.  He turns back from his mistakes (he stops repeating the same mistake)  before it is too late.   If, he cannot do these he will certainly find the place that he deserves.

The inevitable life style for the human being is to enlarge, to expand his dimension of thinking and see what is ahead as well as understanding  and perceiving the universe.

Most probably it would be  nonsense to approach the events by an individualistic, one sided, ignorant  understanding. 

Also,  telling the people the conventional, cliche information that has been told over and over again will not make them think, but squeeze them in a narrow field. 

My dear friends!  Thinking requires a special quality. This is a sign which shows that the individual can fly by his own wings.  Only, the human being who can think can attain Allah and the ones who cannot think or the ones who talk without thinking fall down headlong. Unfortunately,  this is not an ability  that everyone can have...

Istanbul, February 2nd 2004

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