The Mutation Behind The Human Being

Those who are dealing with the science of genetics know that the family trees of the individuals and societies can be obtained after doing detailed work   by means of  this science.  This means that the answer to the question ‘’Who were our roots, our ancestors?’’ is given only by the science of genetics.   Moreover, the data obtained tells us more and more about one topic and says ‘’Oh! You, the son of man, your ancestors were the pre human kind (named as hominids)* who had  lived in the middle of Africa’’

Many of the individuals who claimed that they were nobel as well as the religious ones who were not aware of  the evolution process,  have rejected the transformation from metal-plant-human being. In doing so, they also have rejected Darwin’s rule of ‘’genetics’.  They have done so in spite of  the fact that the Gavs-ý azam (the greatest spiritual person of his time, ‘’the Supreme Helper) of the period Hz. Ibrahim Hakký Erzurimi had stated that the human beings  have descended  from the apes.  They said ‘’Our ancestors cannot be apes, because this does not suit muslimisim.’’ 

The information which makes  the religious ones oppose is the statement of  ‘ahsen-i takvim /the best of images’  in the chapter of  At-tin (The Fig).  Taking into consideration only this part of  the chapter is no doubt the work of  the ones who are unable to read/perceive/understand the system. In actual fact,  what has been created perfectly is the dimension of  the strings=the dimension of  the beautiful names.

Moreover, both in the Koran and the Bible there is a statement ‘’Allah has created man on  his own image’’.   This statement does not mean that the human being (the homo) resembles Allah  who is beyond the concept of  time and place and who is the absolute power.

Anyhow, I do not want to diverge from the  subject.

So, let us continue with this main subject :-

As we have mentioned above,  it was not easy for the human being to emerge. This was only possible after countless human like creatures (hominids) came into existence and disappeared.  They too had their own struggles for their lives, their own life styles and they had a civilisitation of their own.

The human being (homo) as you would appreciate was not created in its present state.   For millions of  years it waited for the mutations that would make him advance. It really took a long time (for the brain) to go up from the  400 gr brain of  a chimpanzee to the 1600gr brain of  the human being. 

It would be right to say that the macrosefalin gene had mutations due to the  astrological influences (angelic influences) and in the end the structure of the skull  achieved its present form.

The size of  the brain depends on the size of  the skull and only after this stage  of  development the human being with a developed brain (the homo) has emerged which got separated from  the  hominid structure and became the caliph of  Allah under the name of  the nabi Adam.

Regarding the evolution that we have mentioned above below there is an  excerpt taken from an article which says  ‘’Today, in the evolution line going from the big Ape without tail  to the human being (Homo),  the most important characteristics that differentiate the evolved, developed primates from the other living things are:  the capability of  the five hand fingers to grasp (especially, the developed thumb), the sense of smell, a developed sense of sight which perceives the depth too, the nose has left its duty of  touch (sense of touch) and the hands have taken it over. Most important of all,  the brain has reached a complicated structure which is able to process and cover both the concrete and the abstract ideas and it has the ability to evaluate the contradictory and  complicated structures. Another important point is the parental relation established with the baby that has evolved after the sexual relation as well as  being sociable, having a social life with the  other members of the society.’’(1)

We can give as an example for mutation the women who do not hesitate to get operated for several times in order to make themselves beautiful.

It is possible that in time the scientific research on this subject will influence the religious beliefs and the cultural norms.   As our world view, our vision  broadens  and as we try to renew ourselves we are able to  catch this difference easily.  I have an article on this subject that has been published in several places named as ‘’Science is influencing the Religion’’.

When you read it you can see the mentality.

May you remain with love and may Allah be your helper and supporter....



*The hominids are the members of the biological family Hominidae (the great apes), which includes humans, chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans

(1) Birikim dergisi

Bodrum, August 20th 2007

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