It is worth to think once more over the question ‘’What do I really want?’’

First of all it is important for us to know what we really want.

For example, in case of   two people who have faith  we can see that one takes as a basis the idea of going to heaven and builds his life around this. He tries to perform his religious responsibilities within the framework of    the divine rules. He does not want to go deeper  and says ‘’this is enough for me’’.

There are logical reasons for such an attitude and it is accepted as it is without furthermore questioning.

Whereas,  the other one wants the Unity/Oneness/Allah.

This is the point where the  real problem begins. The thing that he wishes comes in front of himself. However, as he is not conscious of what he wants,  he does not find any problem in going on with his old habits and type of behaviour.

This is not what he should do, but he deals with ordinary things like any other ordinary person.  He gives the priority to individualistic acts as if leaving aside the subject that he has aimed for.

For example, when there is a long line with many people waiting he pretends as if he does not see them and steps forward, he does not think of paying his debt, he refrains from admitting and accepting  the rights of others.  When the red light is on he does not stop, but instead he goes on. All the left over food, the garbage in  his car he just throws down on the street as well as the cigarette butts in the ashtray. He always talks about the stress created by the tempo of his life style.  Always complains about his neighbour. Moreover, he thinks that  defending and proving himself, his ego is a very good  attribute.

As he is unable to control his feelings, he pushes aside with the back of his hand the subject of unity/oneness that he always speaks of  and starts to act in a confused manner; he starts to complain and say that ‘’everybody has to be equal’’.

However, beforehand he was told about the difficulties of  getting ahead on the path of oneness.  He was told that with the conditioned feelings/emotions/value judgements it would be difficult to repress the voice of  the  soul and there would be many losses when the present worldly needs and the realities of  the next world/the afterlife confront each other.

The above statements never match the state of  ‘’having been chosen’’,  ‘’being important’’.

Regarding this subject Mawlana says :-

The greatness  of  the objective of  the traveller is understood  from the many windings in the road/the meandering road, from the tunnels in the mountains and the obstacles on the road. Every wrong deed is like a mountain pass, a precipice/an abyss or like a bandit.’’ This means that  the road is slippery and full of dangers.   Moreover,  in any place in the whole world the humans could never attain the comfort that they have been longing for.  This is the most striking point.  To be conscious of  this fact, attaining such a consciousness is the first step to be taken on the path leading to know  Allah.

As can be understood from all the above it is not enough to want something. It is also necessary to have considerable knowledge on the thing that you are asking for. 

It is very interesting that most of  the time  the ones who name every happenning, their situation as ‘’terrible’’ and complain about these instead of accepting them as the requirement for  the existence are again themselves.

Do you think that such an attitude is logical?

Yes, on the one hand trying to get saved from the outer most ring and on the other hand putting forth an amazing disorder of consciousness.

Along with the desire to identify oneself with all the attributes and names of Allah the layer of  individuality grows big like an avalanche.

In short, although we do not accept it, here there is a picture which re-produces the social value judgements and in which there is a wish to return back to the desires, the comments/evaluations  of  the flesh and bone body or the continuation of  these.

I do not know if this mechanism which I have tried to explain roughly is worth thinking or not and I leave it to you to decide about it.

However, there is no doubt that in order for  everything to settle down and find their proper places, in order to establish the stability which will delete all the awkwardness of the situation it is necessary to make a new arrangement in the existing training system. I cannot help saying this, but also I am really anxious to know how it is going to be formed.

Istanbul, April 1st 2004

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