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     This year I had the chance to read  in almost all the newspapers the  special sections for Ramadan.

     While I was following the articles written by many professors which were standard, almost the same, written just for the sake of having written something, far  from being creative and productive just believe me I felt unhappy.

     When I saw those articles which were so simple, which did not mention any of the Islamic problems, just plain, ordinary writings I was sorry. (in Turkish there is an idiom that expresses this situation ‘’soup that has no butter, no salt, just plain water).

     They filled up this holy  month by things which they thought were nice.

     They were unable to  choose an objective for the future.

     No relation was established between daily issues and their mysticism  aspect and the way they were mentioned was very weak.

     To tell the truth, none of them impressed me.

     I do wonder how can they feel  comfortable?  Why doesn’t any person come out and mention about the objective, and explain the purpose in the creation of  the human being but find it sufficient to speak only about the   good manners pertaining to the human beings?

     For this reason  the extroverts are not helpful enough to the introverts.

     I am going to say something, but please don’t be hurt.  Actually, if there had been serious articles the society, most probably, will not be able to understand, because they are not at that level. (their level of understanding).   The individuals are lacking the necessary background. It cannot be said that in their minds they can bring together  a subject easily.

     Naturally, they cannot concentrate fully and they just are trying to make the best out of  their time/ to enjoy themselves.

     Whereas, the ones who try to mention these are labeled as  belonging to a tariqa  or crazy.’’

     No one has a mystical desire or a feeling of excitement regarding the future.  These factors are a set back for the dialogue-getting closer and they are slowing  down this process while planting the seeds of  the inevitable negative things.

     Thus, the doors that will be opened to science –knowledge are closed right from the beginning. 

     The points that I have mentioned are hard to tolerate, but all of  them are true.  However, when the different dimensions will be met, then the horizons will broaden suddenly (will have a new vision, understand more clearly). However, the human being cannot save himself from this clumsiness and step into this dimension.

     Please, do not say immediately this is the work of the  destiny, luck and leave it aside.

     This is an illness. It is not anything other than straying from the right path, or  falling into error.

     Just observe our ordinary life!

     You may see the sorrowful, grieving families of   those who have been the victims of murders or  the sad stories of those who want to become rich quickly and who have poor intelligence.The whole matter starts at the physical happiness and end up there.  A social  security-even if  it is temporary- may turn the individual crazy.  Here, the system does not permit to perceive  different things.

     I would like to say without exaggerating.

     Most of us are living like ‘’dead’’, but we look alive.

     Who killed all of  these people?

     What is lying beneath this?

     Why were these things made?

     These questions do come to mind.

     Most probably these are made more intense by those who have been carried away by the endless mystery of the physical dimension,  by those who ignore the order of mystical training, moreover who want to abolish it and this trend,  movement is  spread  in an undulating fashion.

     Of course, we must not forget the invisible beings who encourage them to be like this.

     Also, the ones who do not mention the problems and take the  restraining precautions are guilty  too.

     Those who want  to make big changes in their life styles and who want to become rich quickly  and those who say ‘’he/she has such and such material things, then why shouldn’t I have the same’’ and start stealing thus darken their lives.

     Everyday when we see them taken to the court in a single row are we happy, aren’t we feeling sorry!

     They are one of  us  and a part of us!

     Mysticism relates this and the similar events to a life with lack of belief and suggests us to get hold of  the amentü firmly which  is going to save us.

     It is obvious that they did not get any help.

     Their muslimism only remained on paper.  They have never heard or they have heard, but did not think or they  thought, but did not put into practice.

     Moreover,  this path was opened to them when there was the possibility that they would do these.

Those who did  started doing the things for which they had a tendency without any fear.

     To our surprise while all of these are taking place  some people are trying to run away from responsibility by saying ‘’I do not know anything’’.

     These things cannot be defended.

     In a sense we help to form a society full of  painful things/bitterness,  deaths,  disgraceful things, scandals, but we cannot think of  going over these and take the necessary precautions.

     The reason underlying these problems is always the same:-

     The source of these problems is not knowing the system,  refraining from looking at a matter from all angles, weighing up both the good and the bad aspects and never thinking that  anything that has been done will turn back to the one who has done it.

     What do you expect from a society where the members  make victims out of  the people even at the simplests incident,  while the neighbour is hungry in order to live  more comfortably they abandon them, leaving them to poorness, misery and letting them to be helpless, they steal, and in accordance with the saying ‘’a grape becomes black by looking at the other’’ everybody in the society behaves like one another,  so  what else do you expect from such a society?

     Theoretically we are present for solving these problems.

     However, in our society there are the ones who spent effort  to create the problems and to continue, to carry them on.

     Sad to say that   today,  we have become a society-a country who suffers,   who do not regret while killing the people, who do not feel uncomfortable while stealing and who lack faith.

     There is no place left in the prisons.

     The beings(!) who provoke this istuaiton are busy all the time!

     In my opinion, inTurkey the source for solving the problem is  obvious.

     This society before anything else should find it necessary to correct itself,  to get prepared by a new understanding and step into life.

     It is the people’s own choice that will determine their ideas, their behaviour  and which side they will take, however this tendency does not mean that they will go on living and getting what they want by using force,  pressuring and not taking into consideration any limits.

     The problem is that simple.

     Those who want to share what I have said may give an open, clear and short answer.

     Those who do not want change have lots of reasons and long explanations.

     It is clear and certain that they are profiting out of  this  structure.


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Ýstanbul - 21.10.2010