Recently interesting things happenned  during the football game  between the teams Fenerbahçe and Beþiktaþ. The competition, the score and most of all a sign that was hanging above the spectators’ seats in the stadium was the most striking of them all!

It read :

‘’Two pieces of  bread and one bottle of  Milk.’’

The whole society focused on this statement. It was impossible not to be surprised about the articles in the newspapers that were published in such a short time and the so many Tv programs on the subject that we had to watch for almost  24 hours.

For this purpose the experts who had the talent of speech spoke and spoke, but there was nothing important in what they had said.  Of course, everyone has the right to speak about a certain matter and no one can object it, however this was really too much.  Perhaps, the media is in need of  such exaggerated subjects, because those who work for the media become very active and hard working in case of such a simple event and they turn the facts upside down in an instant.   Is it the way to have a rich variety of  news?

I do not know, but I must admit that it is not nice, because writing articles just for the sake of writing does not take anyone anywhere.

Personally, I am thinking our behaviour in this and the similar events are the indicators of  our present status and show that we still could not pass over the threshold yet.

As a matter of  fact,  there was nothing wrong in the sign to be exaggerated so much, to hurt the ones who have experienced it or make them a hero.  There was only a very delicate art of  satire. It was a statement written because of  the understanding/ the pressure in the football field which was caused by the increased competiton.

It is very interesting that today, in the west, the people are not as crafty as the ones in our country. Perhaps, in those countries such a situation  does not indicate any insult.  However, we, as can be seen in the example   ‘’the one who has a wound gets offended’’  feel hurt and too much offended, therefore   with a great appetite/desire we try  to prove/criticise with utmost effort.

Some time ago, upon the wish of my readers, I had decided not to write a single sentence about sports. However, now I intend to do something  different and carry  the things that have been experienced  because of  this sign in the football game  to the real life/to the dimension of mysticism.  Therefore, I cannot be considered  as not keeping my word.

You must have read the legends about the saints. The first thing that a murid/follower  who has been accepted by the sheikh/the teacher should do is  the kind of work  that he does not like such as sweeping  the place, gathering wood for the fire  and to clean the toilets. The dervish/the student no matter how  respectable  his career was  in his former life is bound to do  what he is being  told.

This function goes on until the student’s will power (resistance) is broken, until the situation does not give him any  pain and until the road for transformation gets opened.  When the signs/the lights  of  the structural transformation are seen and when he does not have any trace of  his old habits and character, then it means that he has completed his duty.  However, when he behaves in an opposite manner, then such behaviour  does not mean anything other than ‘’becoming the play tool of  the nafs/the ego or just make the nafs/ego benefit much from this’’

My dear friends!

Now, let us come to the main point. If, we are still living with  the thoughts such as honour/pride/haughtiness/the ego/the self etc, then believe me that this state of  yours shows that you have not perceived/questioned  enough what you are looking for near the shores of  the science.

There is no doubt that having the manners of  Allah means to be away from the thoughts pertaining to the humans who are being dominated by the physical body and getting away from the frame of  certain rules as well.

When such an idle will power continues without change, then it is far from claiming that it is making any contributions to us.

In a life time which is so short and which does have any value the lesson we should take from ‘’two pieces of bread and one bottle of milk’’ should be this. 

Istanbul, May 5th 2005

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