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     In every stage of life, there is a subtle struggle with the soul (nafs) as well as an inner questioning.

     The reason is  no matter where you look from, human life does not have a constant, stable pattern.

     In the lives of individuals and societies it is possible to come across to  predictable as well as  unpredictable values which are opposite to each other; yet they are present in the lives of the individuals and societies in various combinations.

     Among these, there are values which not only appeal to the human beings and be a mirror to their characters and nature, but also there are opposite values that make one say “I don’t need such kind of knowledge  or a person as such (who would act according to these inputs and knowdledge)”.

     In the first place, those who are warm hearted and friendly are liked with a sincere and emotional approach. Thus, some of the mistakes of those people causing confusions are mostly ignored.

     Their mistakes are justified (defended).

     In principle, within a short time these people whom we have welcomed among us should put forth the things that would warm our hearts and that would be kept on the agenda all the time.

     The reason is ‘’the inner vision’’ that we have wants to make the friendship safe and strong and it has decided  this since the beginning. If, this happens accordingly, then the said person has the approval and has found the place, the chair that he deserves.

     If the expectations cannot be fulfilled, then he is  a phony person  who wants to grasp a chair (who wants a status) for himself. Thus, he eventually finds himself outside the door. It is not very difficult to guess that at all.

     Whereas those who address  our emotions are accepted, embraced and they become one of us.

     However, there are people whose not only one, but “both feet step on the holy ground”  and despite all their sincerity, good intentions and their attempt to show the right way, they are by no means accepted in their own community because they have emerged from there.

     The examples of these groups of people are the Rasul(s) and the Nabi(s).

     Although in their minds they never have the desire to be liked, to be  found charming and beautiful nor they have any opportunist expectations, their wish to be accepted by the society is due to their mission and  is related only with the desire to be beneficial for that society. However, it is almost impossible for these refined people to get accepted by their own community, due to the fact that they have become manifest, -become visible from  the same environment.

     As a result, they are obliged to leave those lands.

     Their warnings are not taken seriously, because their lives cannot be read/perceived (their purpose of existence cannot be understood).

     It would be right to say that there is always a reaction to their approaches.  The mentality that exiles them gets stuck to its own  customs and habits. And instead of these people (whom they have exiled)  they hold on to the individuals that match their own formation whom they regard as one of them, or they get stuck to the  things they are worshipping.

     They choose the easy way.

     However, those people to whom they get glued are the ones whose both ends cannot meet and they are just ordinary people who cannot make any contributions to their lives. Moreover, the things they are worshipping are meaningless icons from which no benefit can be obtained.

     Apparently, no matter what happens, they never accept the proposal of  those people to act in accordance with the system and the prohibitions due to  the pressure that this issue will bring along.

     They look for ways  to violate the sudden emergence of an issue that  seems unnecessary to them by close cooperation.  They, also  don’t hesitate to make totally unimaginable offers to the Nabi(s) and the Rasul(s).

     They don’t want their comfort to be disturbed at all.

     Like in every religion, this custom, behavior pattern also continues in the religion of Islam. Therefore,  the exceptional/ special ones who have become manifest among them  are obliged to tell about Allah’s commands  in other places.

     Let us summarize the article by emphasizing  one more point.

     Time to time, there are human beings-individuals among us who really are  in specific positions. They wouldn’t want to be recognized because they are not after fame or reputation.

     I really wish we could just become aware of  them and conceive their depth and realize their brain capacity.

     This group is totally free from lies and manipulations that would sound like bidat (religious principles and rules that has come into consideration after the period of Hazrat Mohammed (s.a.v)’’.  Therefore, all (our) attempts should be for being present around them.
They are right and trustworthy, they don’t give up easily, choose/like the difficult instead of the simple and they are not satisfied with their achievements.   Their objective  is not to be profane but to explain the universal ideas and implement them/put them into practice.

     The interesting part is  that Quran-al Kerim also emphasizes this fact.

     It is an advantage/priviledge to get to know them. Let me exaggerate it a bit, even watching or seeing them makes a positive contribution to human beings.

     An important detail is, “these exceptional ones are distant  from the society/the people. They  pay special attention to this, because  the balance is maintained in this manner. To be too close, being side by side with them prevents them  from being understood/perceived and  avoids  the exchange of information and knowledge.

     It forms a chaos.

     For that reason, we can say that they use this method consciously.

     It can be possible to become successful by “taking the advice of these valuable individuals, by doing what they tell us to do and not applying what they tell us not to do”.

     That is to say, if you have the talent, by using it, you reach a certain level of perfection and you can share it with others as long as you are honest and sincere.

     If you haven’t opened up your heart genuinely (with complete devotion) to those who are close to Allah and the akhirat (the afterlife), you almost don’t have a chance to gain anything at all.

     Stubborn and bad-tempered manners would lead you to lose your chance and lead to loss of  time.

     The life-long experience has brought along this.

     It is quite interesting that if you get carried away by the wholeness of the existence and with all your individualism act according to the understanding ‘’everything that he has is present within me ‘’ (I have all the qualities that he has), then you cannot save yourself from your faults/get rid of your faults/deficiencies and eventually become like a truck that has hit the wall due to  a failure in the  brake system.

     And you would remain just like that.


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Ýstanbul - 10.11.2010