A poor farmer  found a considerably big stone that reflected the colours of  the rainbow by the side of  the river passing through  his land.
He could not understand exactly the nature of the stone, but he took it home to his children thinking that they would like it.
Then one day a traveller came.  The farmer invited him to his house without hesitation.  The traveller told this  poor, but generous farmer who  who had  invited him with great enthusiasm ‘’I know a river and on the banks of this river the most precious diamonds of  the world are found! If you go there, then you will become rich in a short time and stop working in such a tiresome way.’’
This idea was like a seed growing in the fertile soil of helplessness and it turned into a desire which was hard to overcome. So, the farmer sold all that he had and set off  to search for the diamond.   For years he searched for the river that was going to give precious stones instead of  the tiny bits and pieces which were of no value.
However,  he was unsuccessful, so he returned home discouraged, depressed and very pessimistic, but he at least knew  what the diamond was.   All of a sudden he caught the glimpse of  the stone that he had given to his children many years ago. It was waiting for him in that corner in which it had been left carelessly! 
So, my dear friends this is how the most precious diamond of  the world was found.
This story is one of those striking examples which shows the level where the son of  man (the human being) is standing although he  has more different superior attributes and qualities.
All history long the individual has forgotten his main duty and dealt with the unimportant, secondary factors.  However, Allah’s Rasul has foreseen that the individual  can be saved from this turmoil in a special way and he has made the following statement to warn the humans about their situation.
‘’The humans are asleep and they wake up when they die’’.
Of course, he does not refer to the physical sleep and death.  Here, the death is used as an equivalent for being able to perceive something.  In this statement there is a warning and it has been reflected in a metaphorical form.
Moreover,  if  this state is not lived, experienced, then there would be incredible pain and suffering in the life beyond.
This state is the outcome of a culture based on being vulnerable, being hurt, annoyed and the feeling of  having been wasted.
What is necessary and what is being wanted is  a definite change.
Is it possible to have such a deep rooted transformation  in the human psychology ?
This would be  possible only if  an individual’s personality, his values, his look at life changes, then it is possible for him to catch this line/this level.
So, in the end one goes under such a deep rooted change that  is impossible to describe.
What is important is not to insist on a single colour, but pass over to a state of  being multi coloured.
The problems caused by the sleepy state can be classified roughly in two main categories.

1.     The humanly feelings such as being helpful become intense. (Regarding the subject of  help please,  remember the words of  the Rasul of Allah stating that the good and nice deeds  of  the good people  are considered as a defect  by the esteemed people who have attained the certainty, the truth  about Allah.
 The individuals have to deal with problems which are constantly increasing, so the personality which is sensitive and emotional goes to the extremes without knowing.  The individual grasps firmly the humanly concepts such as ‘’Honour’’, ‘’Dignity’’, ‘’Honesty’’, ‘’Shame’’, ‘’Boastfullness’’, ‘’Pride’’, ‘’Modesty’’ which almost chain him. When the individual gets wrapped by these characteristics, then his connection with the realities is cut off.He attempts to test, to experiment different subjects,  but he is not persistent. Some points such as the traditions, the customs/experiences, moral standards,  the norms of  the society  are overly emphasized.  In the simplest positive situation one immediately has a very  pleasant mood (like the mood of  spring ).

 2.     The tool (which is the prayers) start to come before the objective (which is to be oneself).  The individual accepts the rules regarding the systems as a godly order and applies them with this in mind.  The feeling of  worship turns into a pleasure.   As the background, the formation is not sufficient the individual directs himself to the wrong person at the wrong time and the wrong place. At that level of conciousness where one knows that the existence is one,  he stops doing  the practices which are indeed a pillar without any reason and without any objective in mind. In other words, the system is not taken into consideration.   In all the actions there is definitely the relative concept of  ‘’I, me, myself’’.  In addition to these one can never establish a balance between the ordinary, daily life among people  and  the life of  Haqq.

Every individual or each generation will have  to change and develop or they should at least try to change  these reasons which indeed were not their choice. So long as these reasons  are not taken into consideration,  the individual will have  to lead a pluralistic life.  He will not be able to  wake up from the sleeping state and naturally he won’t be able to die!
You would appreciate it is not easy to attain, to reach  that state of being awake (the state of awareness) which is named as having the manners (the life style) of  Allah  due to inexperience and due to the high number of  mistakes that one makes.



Istanbul, May  28rd 2003

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