How to be a person who has reached his essence, his truth

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     To tell the truth more or less all the images that we see around us are at the level of  “mental animal” (regarding their minds and thought system) although as a figure/shape, they are considered to be like human beings.

     The way the structure of the society is formed brings out the question ‘why is it this way?’ into one’s mind.

The diagnosis is as follows:

     At present almost all the people are living  according to the desires of  the physical body and this brings along the related result.

     Whereas,  it is not possible to become a human being unless the individual takes off “the mental animal” shirt.

     Therefore, a transformation is severely needed.

     It is not easy to be able to reach the quality of a trusted person who  knows his truth and his essence.

     This requires a highly difficult process. However, when it is truly evaluated, lots of positive progress will be made.

     Whoever dedicates himself to this purpose (to this path), he should know that he needs a –trustable guide who knows his truth and his esence. He can only handle the difficulties with the help of that person.

     It is necessary for him to confront all the obstacles.

     We have to admit that the life of the trustable person who knows his essence and his truth is on a much more  different level.

     That is, the said person in the first place  has to keep himself distant from all kinds of mutual/multiple relationships in order to prevent any type of negative outcome.

     Moreover, this person   should never try to prove himself.

     Besides, he should not even consider it in the first place. Rebellious manners should not be observed in him. His life should be towards the inner (growth) and the suggested subjects and points.

     The reason why he doesn’t give any credit to the outer world is based on the fact that he is aware of “the subtle line between the virtual reality and the real one”.

     The interesting thing is, we cannot grasp the good or the bad ‘unless we personally see and experience the better or the worst’.

     When we see a valuable person who is different (than others, we immediately say that he is a ‘trustworthy’ man, a ‘man who knows his truth and his essence)’.

However this is a false approach.

It is a huge mistake to consider an ordinary, faithful, trustworthy person as someone who knows his essence and his truth.

     A person can be trustworthy, but may not know his truth and his essence.

     The reason is that he deserves this title in accordance with the level of his good manners(pertaining to the social life and human relations). However, among the qualities of such a trustworthy man, there is no self awareness, knowing his essence, his truth or knowledge to share.

     Whereas, a person who is said to have  certitude to the concept of Allah and the life/practice this requires life,knows  his truth, his essence and he is trustworthy as well.

     Furthermore, in this context, the concept of “trustworthy land” mentioned in the Chapter of  At-tin in the Quran, actually does not refer to a place, but it refers to a protected rank that even the demon cannot reach out.

     This rank involves the perception of “the absolute self”. Considering the creation of a human as “the most perfect one”, it should be stated and approved as a thesis that the expression of the most perfect one also refers to “the person who knows his truth and his essence.’’

     On the other hand, Allah’s Rasul (s.a.v), even before he received the duty of risalat,  acted in such ways that he was open to all possible proposals and accomplished as much as he could of what he was asked to do with  great enthusiasm, he kept himself away from (doubtful) tasks with uncertain endings. In addition to these the fight he put up against people who cannot accept any rules, his attempts to heal the misery of homeless and those who needed special care and never thought of his own benefit/interests,  his constant act of keeping his promises show that he deserves the title of the man who knows his essence and his truth  as a result of his planned/conscious behavior and not as a result of   any luck or coincidence. This fact is known by all.

     Having carried forward all these qualities also later in his life, he was observed to be ‘the protector’, but he was ‘an authoritarian’ in terms of human relations.

     Moreover, with his incredible ‘ability to convince others’, he was known/considered as a “trustworthy man”.

     In case of an ordinary man, he spends much effort to defend himself and show that he is innocent in case of a trouble that he goes through,  calculates his loss and tries to prevent this and the steps that he will take to achieve this, his reputation in the society, and how he can become  more significant and well known.

     However, no matter how much he tries to be significant or how deeply he wants to become an important actor, to be able to play this role and be successful is  not possible.

     It seems that the foundation that lies beneath this is “the character” and instead of any self correction, it can be seen that the said individual acts with an individiualistic instinct and he inds himself  in the intense concentration of “characters and manners and habits”.

     The evolution path that goes from being trustworthy to become a person who knows his esence and his truth, there is almost no possibility to take a step forward from his inefficient presence or overcome his deficiency in public.

     According to them, they want to change their world and their perception, and they attempt to go forward towards the (first) step of humanity.
It is not possible to say they will succeed unless gigantic leaps (taken) or changes are made.

     Conclusion; throughout the history, all the phases we went through show that “we” (certainly) need these people who know “their truth and their essence”.
How happy I am for those who find someone like them, who can benefit from his knowledge, get the same moral values  and get carried away with him.

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Ýstanbul - 01.12.2010