Regarding the worldy life an important part of  our dreams/ plans, the possibilities that we have, probabilities and the coincidences   live in our data base and they become like any part of  us which cannot be taken away.

In our own terms, we try to take the necessary precautions in our data base for the new possibilites  and  the unexpected events. In this dimension  we can find the basic, healthy and strong information that can guide us about the precautions to be taken.

For example, we believe that our values should be in harmony with the universal values. In our relations we take new  risks and try not to leave any place   to coincidences.  We make the necessary calculations in our minds  and  interfere immediately.

In short, we can say that our data base gives us important clues about our daily life and about the future.  Perhaps, it would be a mistake to accept these as constant  and unchanging, but the actions that are being  faced and repeated seems to approve what is being said. 

The things that are not going to change are ‘’the meanings, the thoughts in relation with the reality’’, while the source of  the new possibilites are the new values that we have added  to our world of  thoughts. 

Today is rolling into the past very fast and the future keeps on being uncertain.

Regarding the past we have memories which never get lost.  No matter how far we want to look in the dimension of  time, we cannot do without these memories and keep on searching  for them all the time. 

During the conversations among friends, those who do not have any talents to display, talk about the past and try to be significant  and show   their conditions.

We can define this attitude as ‘’living within narrow limits/boundaries’. I have never become jealous of  the people who have lots of memories. The problem of my age did not cause me to go back to the past.  However, it would be correct if I say that I did not have the necessary power to arrange these memories and present them to the people.

However, no matter what you say time knows very well how to change into memories the things that are being experienced. 

Most often, the memories are mentioned in the funerals, in the gardens of  the mosques by the side of  the deceased person. Most of  the time you can’t help telling an anecdote about the dead person and  you finish (speaking about) the things that have been experienced together by the statement ‘’May Allah have mercy over him/her.’’

Also, speaking about the memories of your military service is found suitable at the right time, but if  they last too long they become boring.

Another memory file that I have to add is about the sports competitions.   The eternal rivals, in order to make the one another  furious, remember the memories of  old games immediately and start reminding them. 

The individuals who can remain smiling, optimistic and who can remain forever young are being remembered often.  This means that such events/individuals  are always kept in the memories of  the people. (they are not forgotten).

These people make us open an extraordinary/magnificent window in our lives with their state of being.

My dear friends!

In actual fact, the situation is not so hopeless.

The best thing to do would be not to get carried away by the  lethargy  of  the events and to place them in our data base in an optimistic manner.

This is in our hands.

So long as the said dimension does not force us to choose a life which is compulsory (which is chosen by force), because in such a case the ones who live with tight bonds to their data base are falling.

May you be entrusted to Allah and remain with love.


Istanbul, March 28th.2007


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