Fortune telling comes from the wish to learn about the future as the future is important for the people.  However,  the  future is closed for us (it is not possible for us to learn about the future).  As a matter of  fact, we do not know what is going to happen tomorrow, let alone know about the future. Throughout history, in the social life of every culture fortune telling always  had a special place. However, it is not  a subject  to be dealt with continuously, yet the human being does not give up his love for fortune telling.

There are people who make a career in fortune telling, who earn their living in this way and somehow they haven given some information about the future too.

In Islamic countries the verses, the hadiths, the logic of science, philosophy and the method has excommunicated the sickness named as fortune telling right from the start.   The reason is that in fortune telling most of  the subjects that are told are not true  and they are made up.

In general, the information is obtained from the jinn. Among those the information that can be considered as angelic is so few that we can say that almost no information is obtained.

The ancient greeks named fortune telling as ‘’mantis’’ and its plural form is ‘’manties’’.  Fortune telling is based on the human being’s ability to foresee and define the things.   Estimations are not within the scope of  this explanation.  However, in any case it is impossible for the individual to foresee, perceive/ know the future unless he sets himself free from the domination  of  the physical body (considering himself only as a physical body).

When the religious orders and the prohibitions are taken into consideration, then  it wouldn’t be right  to consider fortune telling as a need, because it is  forbidden by the religion.

Religion declares to the believers  that under normal conditions it is not possible to foresee the future, dreaming about doing this is useless and if we do not give up doing this contrary to the expectations some other beings may interfere and in the end  there will be difficulties.

There are different kinds of fortune telling. I find it unnecessary to write about them even as a document (to give any information about them).  Moreover, these are not within my field of interest.   Those who have established strong bonds with the  fortune tellers and who depend on the words that will come out of their mouths   are doing a very bad thing for Islam itself which is being lived naturally and   which enables them to stay out of problems in their daily life .

Even the scientists are saying ‘’This is such an age that the technology has advanced very much and science continues to be successful,  therefore  the need for fortune telling or to put it more correctly the need to know and control the future by means of fortune telling seems very silly.’’  In spite of  the fact that the scientists are saying so, today, fortune telling is still  very popular especially among the  members of  the high society.

When we come to the comparison of fortune telling with astrology, we can easily say that these two are not the same at all.  The reason is that the science of astrology reflects the universality and sheds light to us by concrete data.  However, there isn’t any system in fortune telling or magic. Yet,   fortune telling and astrology are placed on the same side of  the scale. In summary, fortune telling (magic) and astrology are not the same.   Astrology, is  determining/finding out/pointing out the existence  of  the universal programming. 

In my opinion, the reason which lies beneath denying this science is that the rituals are not in harmony with the program of existence of the individuals.

Those who say ‘’Astrology is out of Islam’’(astrology is not within the principals of Islam),  refer to the  superstitions most of  the time in order to prove their claims and the most strange thing is that  they make use of them.  Perhaps, they are reacting (to astrology)  in order to avoid  the insufficiency of  their beliefs to come out into the open. I cannot know the reason why.   Perhaps, regarding the contents of  belief they are placing importance to many other things.

There is no doubt that there can be many Muslims who do not care for and who do not want to make use of  the science of  the stars in spite of  all the things that are being told.  However, even the person who is writing these lines, although he is  not a  man of  complete belief, can think and say openly that being close to the science of  the stars-astrology should not create a serious pessimism.

Therefore, even if this person thinks and says so, then there are many factors for the true believers  not to become worried.  

As it is just the appropriate place, I would like to share with you a hadith regarding astrology that has been keeping my mind busy since many years.   In this way, I believe that it is necessary to say openly the striking truth  which  I have emphasized a few times, but hesitated to analyse.

Hz.Ibni Abbas radýyallahu anhüma narrates ‘’Hz. Rasul of Allah declared ‘Whoever takes a branch from the science of stars beyond what Allah has declared has taken a branch from magic.  The fortune teller is a soothsayer (diviner) and  a soothsayer  is a magician and the magician is an unbeliever.’’

While we are spending much effort in order to live with the honest and the believable facts, we must be very sensitive in the first place about the statements of  our Rasul (s.a.v) and the things that he wants to tell us.   Thinking the opposite  will not be appropriate and take one to kufr (disbelief, rejection of faith, covering up the truth).

In short, all kinds of developments that will enter the zone of inconfidence will put forth results that will be very hard to correct in the future.  We have no doubt that our esteemed Rasul  will shape up the subjects for us in a very meaningful way. Without doubt, the protection of the universe, the humankind and the jinn are present in his words.  Let us first agree on this point.

Now, let us sit down and talk and analyse this hadith deeply starting from its visible aspect, then with  its inner meaning and how it has come out.  Meanwhile, there are some cross questions that come to the minds:-

If, the science of  the stars-sun signs is a branch of  the magic, then would that science be given  to the esteemed Hz.Idris  a.s  who has lived much before Hz.Rasul of  Allah?  Moreover,  would a person who had come as a blessing for the universes  say negative things about a science that have been given to a nabi?

Leave aside someone like myself  with a little reasoning, even a simple  person who can use his mind should think that it shouldn’t be so. On the other hand, starting from the companions of  Hz.Rasul who were the beloved servants of  Allah as well as  all the great saints and the masters starting with Hz. Ýbrahim Hakký Erzurumi, Hz. Ibni Arabi, Hz. Aziz Nesefi to Hz.Abdulkadir Geylani have been dealing with this science. Would these esteemed people do this  if they were in a position to oppose the words of   our esteemed Rasul s.a.v? 

I also think that one of the 12 imams Hz.Cafer-i Sadýk and Hz.Ýbni Abbas (r.a) (the person who has narrated the above hadith) wouldn’t be attempting to deal with astrology. This would be out of question.

Would our esteemed Rasul be using words/ statements for influences that have only astrological meanings such as  ‘’Today, the earth is on the back of  the fish and on the horn  of   the ox’’ Would he be permitting the true  believer to remain cross with his brother  for only three days?

I would like to give another example:. Kab Ýbni Malik (r.a) tells ‘’Hz.Rasul of Allah s.a.v started a journey always on Thursdays and it was very rare when he started his trip on the other days apart from Thursday.’’

As can be understood, our  esteemed Rasul has preferred the most suitable day for a journey.  The reason is that Thursday starts with Jupiter, therefore it is a more blessed,  prosperous and helping  day.  Moreover,  it makes one light hearted, gives comfort,  optimism, constructive feelings and ideas, therefore it is preferred for travelling.  On the other hand, the moon hour also is a very suitable time for travelling. The reason is that the moon makes one act quickly and be efficient, so it would be more reasonable to start a journey at this hour.

Now, I am addressing  those who skip these or pretend not to see the above mentioned points:- The concept which is named as ‘’Reading(perceiving) the System’’ is not so easy.  It is hoped that astrology has not entered the circle of   Amentü because its program is very much loaded.  This is similar to Hz.Moses’ proposal to decrease the number of  the salaat(s) per day which had been stated as fifty times.

There is no doubt that being fully aware is good. However, this quality never means to oppose or to resist.

The surprising thing is that during the time of  the nabi Hz.Idris  and after his death as well this science has been diluted in some way and it has diverged from its objective.  Therefore, our  esteemed Rasul has found it  wrong to spread it all over to the people.  Therefore, he has prohibited this science.  As you can see,  in the hadith, there is a statement which says that accepting the  science of  the stars as a kind of  magic and not accepting the principal philosophy based on science   can lead to a great big mistake.

The subject comes and gets locked up here.  I am repeating that Astrology is not the work of  the people who have accepted life as it is and who are lazy, lethargic. The ones who are not comfortable, who have worries and anxieties do not get interested in astrology.  On the contrary, astrology is a branch of science in which the people who want to renew themselves continuously and who are full of  fire are interested.

Until today, astrology could not be noticed as it had been closed and it was accepted as a typical means of  fortune telling, but during our time   the last mujaddid   has taken astrology in hand. So, together with extensive explanations about oneness/wahdat  and thinking that  it wouldn’t create any problem  it has been opened up and  presented to the people.

Meanwhile, I am not expecting you to ask me an ignorant question such as ‘’Did the mujaddid have such a right to do this?’’  However, it is possible that there can be partial criticisms regarding this point and I have tried to explain the reasons above. 

It is an open, clear fact that today the people who are dealing with astrology are not being criticised.   Now, there is a common point of view which says with confidence that the science of the stars-the sun signs is neither fortune telling nor a kind of magic.  Those who approach the matter from this point can within the framework of existence, first of all look at astrology and determine its elongation to universality/angelic structures, then to oneness and destiny. Therefore, by doing so they can  look forward in a better way as well as controlling what is behind.

Ýstanbul - 07.02.2008


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