Two angels who were travelling knocked the door of a rich family to spend the night.   The family was rude and they showed a corner as a sleeping place in the cold basement instead of  the special rooms for visitors in the big house.

While the angels were trying to find a place to sleep on the hard floor of  the cold basement, the older angel saw a hole in the wall and started to repair it.

The younger ones asked the reason why and the elderly smiled and said

‘’Everything is not always the same as it looks’’.

In the morning the angels left the big rich house and when it was dark again they started searching for a place to sleep. This time they knocked the door of  a very poor farmer family.   The poor couple shared everything they had with the angels and they offered them their own bed so that they can have a comfortable sleep.

In the morning, the angels saw that the old man and his wife were crying. Their only means of  earning, their cow was dead and it was lying  in the middle of  the field.

This time, the young angel became  very angry and he said to the elder one in a rebellious manner  ‘’How could you permit this happen?  That rich man had everything , but you still helped him. However, this good hearted poor family did not have anything else, but that cow.  In spite of  this they were eager to share wit us even that cow, but you let them loose that cow too!’’ 

Upon hearing these the old angel turned to the younger one and said

‘’Everything is not always the same as it looks.’’

The night we slept at the basement of  the rich house I have noticed that there were bullions of gold hidden beneath that hole in the wall. **** However, the wealhy man was very covetuous and he did not want to share even a tiny piece of  his fortune  that he had  luck, so I closed the hole in such a way that he will not be able to open it even if he finds its place and he continued ‘’Yesterday, while we were sleeping in the farmer’s bed I saw that the angel of death came to take away the farmer’s wife. So, I gave the angel that cow instead of  the farmer’s wife.’’

The old angel smiled and repeated once more:

‘’Everything is not always the same as it looks.  Sometimes, when the things do not end up in the way that we want and that is exactly the event  we have to encounter.  If, you are a believer, then the only thing that you have to do is to be confident about the end and it will always be for your benefit in spite of  the fact that you will learn about this  after some time.’’

My dear friends, while you are evaluating the events you should never forget that they have an unseen aspect.  Therefore, if we want to see the events more clearly and correctly, then we should take into consideration this aspect too and do not refrain from evaluating it.

The believers in Allah should not be satisfied only with the visible aspect and they should learn how to read/understand/perceive the invisible part too.

This is what the real thing is.

May you remain with love and may you be entrusted to Allah.

Istanbul, November 27th. 2006

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