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     ‘’It is certain that they were not expecting a reckoning/settlement (the result of  their lives). (Naba-27)’’

     I think that this warning means that  every mortal will taste dead and endure the result of the things that he has done’’.

     The infallible mystical rule is like this.

     I do not know if  there is any logic in rejecting, resisting this.

     ‘’It is obvious that every mortal will taste death’’. Even if   one accepts this reluctantly,  things do not get finished here;  there is  the grave, the world of graves and the barzakh/ the isthmus is waiting for him.

     Although,  the after life and the difficulties are obvious  the individual still cannot get rid of  his desires,  his desire to dominate and the hysteria to  consume ( to destroy especially  by words) another person.

     As the individual is being dominated by his feelings, his emotions he considers another person who is not in harmony with him as his rival, to put it in other words he tries to demolish his alternative.

     A rather gloomy end is waiting those who object, who resist the preordainement, who have been doing wrong to others (by not giving them what they deserve)who could not take his hands off   from the dirt of life,  who have been very cruel to the people as much as they wanted, who have put limitations and threatened them,  who have oppressed the identity and the personality of the ones they do not like, and  the ones who could not read (perceive) the real facts.

     Is this what you want?

     You resist or you do not resist  that depends on you.

     However, the result is  as mentioned in the above paragraph.

     In the end,  your turn will come.  As a human being you will have to face the result of what you have done.

     You cannot say ‘’No’’

     You do not have such a right!

     For this reason, without making any discriminations the Quran al Kerim is warning almost everyone beforehand!

     The Quran al Kerim is notifying  that it is necessary for one to hear the voice of  his conscious, to be in control of his physical body  in his actions, to think well and in addition to these the individual should know that his ego (nafs) which is relative should be saved from the reflex of  being obstinate, fierce opposition and most important of all the individual is notified that he should  observe from where this arises.

     Moreover,  every moment the individual should make a detailed self criticism and think about the  pros and cons regarding himself   within the framework of righteousness, reasoning  and these should be done legitimately.

     Even at times when others are not  in harmony with his feelings he should  acknowledge that his correspondent is right  and think about the things that the other party has done  which seem contrary  and the reasons why they have been made.

     Therefore, those with common sense do not take into consideration the ones   who say ‘’I  am always right’’ and it is a fact that they eliminate them in a very delicate manner.

     However,  no matter what the conditions are they do not  end their relation with such people immediately.

     In actual fact, they are trying to make the correct analysis and reach the correct findings, because they are evaluating what has formed the reason as well as the reason itself.

     However, these kinds who make deep researches, investigations are right and what they do is legitimate.

     In a way the truth manifests itself  and that is ‘’the objective is not independent from the means’’.

     In spite of all these factors,  nothing is left to explain when it becomes a habit to act as an authoritarian leader and make another person submissive.

     In such a case it is necessary to say ‘’the person who has done it will suffer  much.’’

Please, for  having Allah’s consent/ approval/ acceptance  the one who objects, resists, who acts (hard) like a stone  could only  think that one day he will definitely face the results of such a behaviour!

     What happens if  he could only try to perceive the truth and the system!

     Leave aside the afterlife, even in this life on  earth the one who has been pressured, who shows by his attitude that he is an oppressed person reminds this in some way  to the person who has done it  and makes us think that  he is surrounded by that intervention which  he does not deserve.

     However,  the son of man does not give up  his feelings, his emotions as if he would never die and stay forever on earth.  He, as well does not  give up boasting, and does not stay away from ruining the lives  of other people.

     Those who are believers, who speak about their religion and its virtues will perhaps understand what I mean.

     Therefore, every person should analyse himself, be sensitive and he should not be thrown and from side to side just as a car with a broken brake system.

     If, he does not want to endure the results of what he has done then he should do this!

     The reason is that  this taste is not like anything that you know.

     Perhaps, it is like the taste of  ‘’the oleander tree’’ in hell.

     This is the true aspect.


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Ýstanbul - 24.11.2010