Being Naked

To be naked and to be dressed are two opposite concepts in  life.

Even, it is  not necessary to tell which of them supersedes the other.

You are most probably aware of the person e who has been labeled in the mystical world as ‘’the one who warns the humans and who is naked ’’.

Let us assume that we  put on one side of the scale the state of  being dressed and on the other side the state of  being naked which is  the part  assumed to be lighter,   however  we shall aee that it  will weigh more.

Being naked is easy for the one who has assimilated this concept, but for the ones who are dressed it is really difficult.

The opposite of present is absent and in a similar way the opposite of being dressed is to be naked.

However, those who are undressed may look as if they are dressed and this should not mistaken you. As a matter of fact, only the experts can know and understand  this state of being. Being naked does not make one live the personality syndrome. On the contrary,   it prevents the weakness regarding the  identity, moreover it can demolish this concept.  Being naked  makes the innate composition of the human being  dissolve. Those who think that there is only a very slight difference between being naked and being dressed are really mistaken.

In the case of being naked there are no  prayers/yearnings/crisis for identity and searching  for differences. Such things as race, sex, conditionings, value judgements etc.  cannot find any place  near this concept. Being naked does not know the ego nor recognizes it.

To be in a continous productive state  and to share is the work of the naked but,  trying to dominate the nature and to be powerful over it is the work of the dressed.

The humans are rushing in crowds for being undressed/for being naked.

However, the majority turns back after they travel half the distance. The ones who have been  very eager and who could travel more never feel shy at the end and it can be observed that there isn’t a trace of their old mentality.

The one who is dressed, but who acts as if he is neutral is not a good observer. Being objective, objectivity is the trait of those who can get undressed.

This is a matter of balance and it can never accept any mistakes, errors. In that dimension there isn’t any place for deviation. In such a state of being there is never a confused picture. Complicated systems cannot define this.

Never get surprised when you see many of the people to whom you place great importance in their real states of being i.e if you see them as dressed. They are the ones who have become idols in your eyes. Their origins are in humanly/worldly  dresses.

Whereas, the one who undresses does not have any worldly objective pertaining to the five senses. He does not care/run after eating and drinking nor he cares for high positions and recognitions. He only wants to observe and  that is his sole objective. The more the ego gets inflated and takes over, the more one becomes dressed.

Being naked neither accepts the praises nor refuses the curses. All the structures who have understood the importance of getting undressed become aware of the fact that all the actions and the changes/the transformations take the concept of wholeness as their starting point without any doubt. Not many people can recognize the one who have got undressed. Unfortunately, the one who cannot see himself at the point of the Absolute Self, who cannot consider himself as equal with this, means that he could not become undressed.

The ones who have been able to undress can be very influential.  They walk on their path without fear, without getting tired, without comprimise, but with patience and in a very cool manner.

When we examine deeply,  we can see that  the fire which purifies the souls, which burns one’s soul / heart   passes through being naked.

If, one day you are asked a question ‘’Which mysterious power is forcing the humans to get undressed?’’ then, instead of going around the bush to give your answers, try to find the answer within yourself.

Istanbul, August 28th 2003


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