In the society there are some rules and principles  to organize the human relations, to establish the peace and  to protect the rights of  the people.  These laws/prohibitions establish the basis of  a life style which is very common within the system.

Logically, almost everyone is expected to obey these rules and they are expected to  invite those who violate them to be obedient and be respectful.

However, things do not go on in this manner.

Lately, in the social life some attitudes and behaviour types have become very common and very significant.

There is much increase in the events of  bribery, violence and theft.

The cultural activities have become lesser.

All of  us have become used to the fights, the violent acts whether they take place nearby or in a distant part of  the world.

Moreover, in the Tv channels there are the debates which do not convey any significant knowledge and where the participants talk just for the sake of  talking.  They only confuse our minds let alone being useful.  The people who watch these programs tend to be imitative and they  have an increased tendency to be a servile flatterer. 

Also, there is too much admiration for the famous people. This is like an illness. When I  see  such things  I have an awkward feeling.

Is it possible for a human being to make himself so cheap?....

Today, when someone comes out and tries to eliminate  these meaningless events, some  others may try to stop  such acts thinking that it would cause some discomfort for them and there may be a decrease in their income.

Naturally, there is  some opposition.

As you can see  the modest, giving, balanced and honest people have almost been lost.

Those who accept all kinds of openness, irresponsibility, having fun madly try to get hold of  the principles of being civilized when it comes to the matter of turban.

On the one hand there are the irresponsible expenditures and on the other hand there are the  poor people who do not have the means to send their children to school. These are all sad things. The people are doing whatever they can just for the sake of  having a job even as a simple worker.   Those who cannot bear to be hungry and poor –the ones who lack belief- start to steal.

The ones who have become shameless have hundreds of guilts and not only one or ten or twenty. Everyday, when we watch such kinds of people in the TV we immediately have the need to cover our faces (with our hands).

While talking about  theft I cannot help speaking about what we have experienced and the things that have been told to me, because the events of theft were not  so much  until recently as it is now.

Some time ago there was a thief in our house and he stole many things.  After one month the thief came to the upper floor to astrologer Nuran Tuncel’s home whom you know well. 

A friend of mine told that the thieves came to his home and to his son’s home many times and they stole many precious things including their car.

What I cannot understand is this: Those who are stealing, are they unable to think that they will give the account for what they have done one day!

What I wish is that no one should choose to reject and do such a sin by saying ‘’never mind’’.

The reason is that the sun which lets its rays come to the world every morning by cutting through  the darkness will not be rising on them one day.

They should also think about this point and should not forget it.

May Allah be your helper and supporter.

Istanbul, July 21st 2006

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