The British define patience ‘’as the ability to accept pain, trouble or anything that causes annoyance without complaining or losing one’s self control.’’   Actually patience means to be subject to , having to tolerate, to endure annoyance.

Being patient is considered as a virtue.  It is the ability  to be in control of oneself  without any reaction in case of  cruelty and injustice.

Patience is one of  the most basic fundamental concepts which   the divine religions and the Eastern thought  cannot give up.

All the men of wisdom who have grown old have based their careers on this virtue.  In any  community,  the individuals who are patient become more significant.

In  the mystic philosophy, the leaders (who are considered as  leaders, because of their  wisdom and knowledge) never get angry  because of  the  meaningless behaviour  of  the younger ones  and they warn them in a  calm manner  not to repeat their mistakes.

Beneath the reason why prophet Adam has been expelled from the imaginary circumstances of  heaven into our community   lies the meaning of  the word patience.

The human being can grasp this attribute in time / via the  experiences.  There are very few people who have it as an inborn attribute.

When patience is  left  aside,  then all the events become very  difficult to handle leading to  chaos.  Then,  under such conditions the problems cannot get solved.

However, all these things that I have told  do not mean that by being patient all the events and the actions will develop very smoothly.

Being patient does not  mean to be idle or to be lazy and do nothing. Along with this, one needs to be active, fast and quick.  In my opinion, any person who is not  fast and quick is in a state of  sleep.

I do not believe that the patient people can survive in this world without being fast and quick.

As you would appreciate, when it comes to thinking and acting   what is looked for is  the ability to make quick decisions and not patience.

What I would like to say is that these two concepts  have different meanings.  Regarding the principles for taking an action one should choose to be  fast and quick  and in any event  where there is aggression/violence or  an expectation, it is more appropriate to be patient and not to react.

The speed of thought and the dynamism in the individuals show immediately the nature of  an event and make it concrete. Whereas, unfortunately the results  of slow thinking/acting are  not obtained  immeditely, but late.

In such  cases,  the sun signs Aries and Gemini are superior to the other signs.

If  a patient  individual  is able to think and act fast at the same time, then this is not contradictory to the religion.

I think, we all know how quick and fast  the old men of wisdom   who are accepted as stones of patience are (who are extremely strong like a stone as regards their patience).  For them it is a matter of  an instasnt to find a solution for a problem.

Being fast and quick determines everything.  It is compulsory to be fast  in order to keep up with the technological developments which are advancing at a certain level.

For example, today it is possible to communicate every instant regardless of  one’s  location  and this is made   possible by the  cellular phones which are a product of/an outcome of   a rapidly   developing technology.

We should also not forget about the devices which we  manage by remote control with the touch of  a single button. 

The existence of  all these devices are in relation with the fast development of  time.  

Along with these we cannot notice how fast the time is  passing.  The seasons are following one another in a hurry and when we think of  this we cannot help being  astonished.

When we meet someone whom we have not met for years we quickly refresh the old memories in our minds and we get adapted to each other in a surprisingly quick manner.

Don’t we also get adapted very quickly  to subjects which were not familiar to us before;  to places where we have been for the first time and to the life styles of  the people living there?

Don’t we grasp very quickly   the importance that our supreme religion gives to  education and  the first rule/order  of  the divine inspiration  which is ‘’Read !’’?

My dear readers,

In any case I suggest you to evaluate the things that I have written above with care.

While being patient please,  manage and control your  speed of action   and  manage your  patience while  being quick and fast  and   please, do not  confuse  these two concepts!

Istanbul, September 23rd 2003

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