The world that we are living in is the same,  but is there a difference between the life dimensions of the believers , especially the ones who are struggling to attain Allah and the the life dimensions of those who are not interested in religion?   I am talking about  the difference in their  ideas and perception!

The truth is that I do not think that there is any difference.

Let me explain:

There is a certain discomfort between the people who seem to be religious, whose aim is to attain Allah and the ones who do not have religious beliefs or have  religious beliefs, but who do not put them into practice.  This discomfort leads to some tension form time to time.***

Actually, this situation is relative and it is not so much important, because regarding a social event when it is the time to decide if it is right or wrong, then  both groups  who seem to be contrary to each other  react similarly.   

It is difficukt for us to understand this,but this is the reality.

Let me say it  more openly: There isn’t any difference in the actions and the reactions of  the people who have a certain level of  knowledge/culture and the ones who say that they have belief and live according to the conditions of  their belief.

Anywhere in the world all the communities and the people are sharing the same things; they eat, drink, make sex, have children, feel sorry about their troubles and they become happy by the pleasant events.

It looks as if they are all proud and they keep on telling  the stories which we all know, but in which we do not believe,  the empty words that are far from convincing any one and  they are consuming their lives in this manner.

They do not even accept the lowest level of   sharing (goods or money).

There is one more point that they have  in common: 

The fear about the future!

Almost every individual unit is busy making plans about his future or the future of  his close ones.

Let me ask you. Nowadays,  can you show me an individual who does not have any details/dreams about the future, who does not think/worry about tomorrow, who does not bother about the future of his child?

I am telling these especially for those who belong to the religion.  On the surface they are  sincere, warm, but are they able to find out the rights and wrongs  of   their own lives? As you know, they want to have the perfect manners (to have the manners of Allah,to attain the  ideal/perfect behaviour),  but they are  not aware of  the meaning of  their work and practices. 

Is it possible to say that the meaning is not important in perceiving  and doing something?  Moreover, these are the duties of  a person who is  being in servitude.  Aren’t they being told that  it is not possible to reach a certain level by doing these.

As can be understood they are dealing only with the interpretation of  aspect of  the matter (the religion).  If , the things that they have been doing have the slightest reflection on real life, then I would be thankful even for this, but there is nothing.

If,  the ones who love the religion/ the ones with belief do such  things, then you imagine about the rest.   As can be seen  these people  are living harmoniously in great excitement and they are not doing this consciously.  If, this situation is not interfered, in other words if it is not being cut off   by the dimension of the akhirat (the after life realm) it looks that it would continue till eternity.

Let us continue...

For example, if  there is a change and if some people do not like this, and if the benefits are conflicting , then this is neither approved by the other (group) depending on the situation. Both sides may react in the same manner.  In short, if  there is a change in life, then both sides the ones who say that they are religious and the ones who say that they are not religious oppose this strongly.   So, the logic is the same.   However, your   astonishement is  for  the religious side, you at least think that they must have gained something spiritual through religion.  Therefore, you say  at least ‘’What a pity, this man could not learn anything, could not live, practice’’.

Therefore, one cannot help to think that why that understanding which is expected to make a big difference has not find a place (in my opinion it is not possible to expect a big change especially within the next few years).

Then, what should be done? What are the points of differentiation?  It is the time to think deeply about these and analyse them in detail. 

Let us at least become aware of  this now.


Istanbul, September 28th 2006

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