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One in every two people has this sickness called “sarcasm”.

It is also described among people as “making remarks indirectly or speaking sarcastically”.

Sarcasm is the sign of being touchy, emotional, and having an uncontrolled life style.  A person who does such an act  ignores and disregards completely the current state of the individual  whom he addresses  and as a result,  an absurd situation is being created.

Thus, it is almost impossible to get over this negative, awful habit.

In fact, it is not as bad as gossiping, but still it is quite a negative behavior pattern.

This should not be forgotten that some people behave like this without being aware of  what they are doing  whereas some  specifically get involved in it (they do this for training purposes consciously and with utmost care).

This is a very natural function. In an individual, it comes out spontaneously from within.

We can say that this type of behavior is based on making rude remarks or speaking sarcastically. It is the  act of those who use every possible way in order to dominate others and they do almost anything to keep it that way.

They  start  doing this by teasing a little bit and without any particular  reason.

However,  the one who is behaving in such a way is being followed  and people avoid having any contact with him.

It can be acceptable for those having strong spiritual ties to be sarcastic knowingly  as they are doing this for training  purposes in order to have continuous control over people  which cannot be handled by some easily.

However, how can it be justified when those individuals who walk around like  fools/idiots reflect their own characters  on people (people’s lives), ruin their self esteem,  leave deep scars behind,  moreover, want to continue this attitude on and on?

Yet, it doesn’t seem  possible to accept this!

It becomes necessary to ‘’stop’’ these individuals due to the fact that these sarcastic approaches, reactions cause rage among the majority of the people in the society. Of course, as long as these people don’t consider themselves as the sheep in a  flock.

Now, we know it better how this sickness drags our society into chaos.

When  this meaningless behaviour pattern is examined some bizarre behavior, psychological problems,  looking down upon people and boasting are being observed.

Although the most critical expressions are reflected/implied to individuals through sarcastic approach, in reality, this system is activated in order to make the other people fail  (to limit and/or end their functions).

On the other hand, the essential things that have to be said are covered up in one way or another.

Whereas, in friendships there must be sincerity, criticisms must be expressed openly to the face, if any explanation is necessary, it should be stated.

If this is not the case,  abnormal situations occur and perhaps the emotions which do not exist till then,  come out to the surface from the depths, thus individuals approach one another with suspicion ( supposition).

I, personally don’t understand anything about these types of talks or indirect remarks. Indirect implications and annoying others are not a way of making a conversation. I am also saying  ‘’ it doesn’t solve any problems.’’

Moreover, what are you trying to explain about a thing which could not be understood?  If, there are different subjects different, then I strongly advise everyone to mind their own business.

The reason is that in sarcasm there isn’t the least bit of self control, contemplation or sincerity.

Human relations resemble the oceans which seem as if they were vast and limitless. It contains all types of risks in it. Exaggerating the sarcasm and using it as a method at all times and taking it to the level of  ‘’I know it all’’ (being snobbish) is not something logical.

In addition to this, if  it is turned  into an ideological approach, then the matter becomes more complicated/impossible to solve.

It must be known that indirect remarks and sarcasm cannot be considered as a matter of praise.

However, many people don’t know this, thus, they keep using it over and over again.

I am underlining and emphasizing it; if,  in any matter there is sarcasm, the (whole) situation changes. The way of looking at the matter changes. It is the same in the whole world, as it is in the history of humanity.

Plus, this is not welcomed at all.

This is due to the fact that  there is no solution in a sarcastic approach. The solution is established  through  mutual dialog, and not through  looking down upon people.

This is a dead-end road. It is not open to making comments  and there is no objective truth/reality in it. The solution is found through unification and establishing the brotherhood, having mutual love and common sense.

Those who say “Aren’t these enough?” are right.

In the religious brotherhood and the integrated lives, there cannot be such a thing (as sarcastic manners) and there shouldn’t be either.


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Ýstanbul - 31.10.2010