(Metaphorically this is named the armchair illness)

Not in everybody, but in some people there is the armchair illness which is very significant.  Such a state of mind is not like an ordinary illness. It is like the epilepsy and the crisis comes from time to time at different intervals.  You may think that you have saved yourself from the armchair, but still you find yourself sitting in it.  For this reason it looks quite difficult to get saved from the armchair (status) obsession

If,  the subject of  the illness is  sufism, then the individual feels as if  his authorization is endless  and he lives as he wishes, does whatever he likes with the idea  ‘’no one can judge me’’.

If, the individuals have such a disorder, then those who are directed towards them and who accept them as leaders without making any investigation suffer from  the illness of uncertainty and they do not have any principles.

As you would appreciate there are many events going on around which are a good example for this.

For example, the person is considerably poor, he lacks knowledge, he is totally ignorant, does not have any social life, but when he hears about the armchair/the status, then he becomes very eager and  jumps over it.  Moreover, he thinks that he is the only one who deserves this position.  

What a contradiction? What a confusion in the mind and the reasoning mechanism?

It is hard  to explain.

The opposite may happen too.  One can be reach, cares about his benefits, he is interested in individualistic (egotistic)  behaviour, but all of a sudden you can see that he also has the armchair illness (the obsession for a status).

Another one  does not have the slightest idea about mysticism, he plays tricks on others, but as we have said without any reason this illness comes out into the open in this individual.

IT shouldn’t be forgotten that  to be having that specific position does not mean ‘’I can do everything. No one can interfere with what I am doing. There is no one greater than me His time has passed, even the time of   so and so.’’

Such an idea belongs to those who have not deserved to have such a status, such a  position and in the end they’ll  not be able to make up for these mistakes.

Only  the one who has fallen into a sleep of  heedlessness and  who wants to get totally lost may  use these  statements full of nonsense.

Afterwards, they try hard to prove their righteousness, but their efforts fail.  People blame them, say and write many things against them.   As you know,  there is a mystical saying ‘’On this road many heads are cut off and no one asks about them’’.   So, this statement is the verbalised form of  the above mentioned point; being unable to assimilate, to absorb the knowledge.

In short, if  one of  the candidates who has jumped forward has much  desire to have a position, a status, then he should know how to take over responsibilities, his behaviour should be stable  and he should leave aside the commercial mentality s quickly as possible.  The masks of  those are bound to fall off   who shout at the people who are directed towards them, who cannot answer the questions fully and completely and  who make these people uneasy.

Moreover, the individual cannot have the armchair/the status/ position by inheritance.  Those who think in such a way end up  end up in total dissapointment.  

Another important point is that the other people should approve that the said individual deserves that status, position. Otherwise, his reign is bound to become shaky.

There is an old saying ‘’The one who does not ride a horse properly is bound to come down quickly.’’  When we say that this saying is used for the ones like the above mentione people we wouldn’t be mistaken.

My dear friends,

With all my good will I would like to end my wiritng with the following suggestions:-

I wish that you do not get caught in this illness, the obsession for status, position (namely the armchair illness)  which goes beyond the identity of a true human being.  If, you have such a problem, then take the necessary precautions from the beginning or find a an expert and get his advice and make use of  this opportunity.

Otherwise, know that  there will be much more  confusion in your mind.

May you remain with love and may you be entrusted to Allah.

Bodrum, August 7th. 2006

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