The  Strongest Feeling...

 have written about  this subject  for a friend of mine who is not aware of   anything and who used to honor me very much…

During the short conversations that we had with him he used to complain about his problems and said ‘’I am praying all day long without fail.  However,  all my sorrows, frustrations and my way of looking at life, my talent in finding out the mistakes and the faults are still the same as they were in the past’’.   He tried desperately  to find an answer for these by asking ‘’What must I do?’’

These words of him reminded me of a hadith of Hz.Mohammad (s.a.v).

Our esteemed master was declaring the following : ‘’Abu Bekr has not become superior to all of you neither because he performed the salaat much nor he fasted much.  However, all that has happenned was in his heart/ consciousness.’’

My dear friend’s thoughts about the universality, his life style which was based on this subject  and from time to time the intense claims that he made were indeed very much surprising as he himself  had said.

This state of being was a result of  the feeling of  false conjectures/suppositions’’.

The truth that lied beneath his weaknesses and suppositions was this.  He was thinking that he would be able to repress this feeling of false conjectures/suppositions through the practices that he named as ‘’prayers’’.  However, he was telling with all his sincerity that he could not convince himself  in this extremely frustrating situation (as the idiom says ‘a situation that squeezes his heart’).

This awesome feeling was  pushing  him to do some nonsense things.   All of   these conditions were a result of   decorating his  thoughts with the things in his imagination, closing his doors to the world of  reality and living in a dilemma.

The truth is that he had become a person who suspected about everything. He could never catch the expansions that have   a  wider perspective and in a way he could never become courageous.  When he could not succeed in doing these,  then he went all the way to punishing himself.     It was certain that he had some achievements through the pratices  that he had done. As  a matter of  fact, if there hadn’t been such practices he would certainly be in a worse condition and he would be loosing his control totally.

As far as I have understood and learnt,  this false conjectural feeling  is one of  the strongest and intense feelings in  an individual.   Sufism says that the most powerful feeling is this false conjectural feeling and for this reason the mind is influenced by these false conjectures and only the collective mind can neutralise the effects of  this feeling.

The false conjecture can show one anything that does not actually exist as if it exists and leaves him with suppositions and this is present in almost everyone upto varying degrees.   This strong feeling almost locks up the individual and prevents   the  higher functions of  his mind from working.

Hz. Rasul of  Allah (s.a.v) has shed light to us about this subject  with an interesting hadith.

‘’When each child  comes out to this world from his mother the Satan touches  and makes the child cry.  Only Jesus, the son of  Mary is an acception for this’’.

Starting form this statement we can feel the presence of  this feeling in almost everyone upto a certain extent.

The false conjecture  can  make the individual do almost everything without an exception. You cannot even think of  them.  For example, everyone is afraid of  making a mistake and getting caught.   Covering up the fear and behaving in a mysterious way is an attribute of  false conjecture.

In general, those who have  false conjectures  live with fear  and the ones who get carried away with fear believe that they have come to this world not for winning but for losing.

I have tried to tell my dear friend as much as I could  that everyone has to play his role in the scenario in accordance with  the purpose of his creation. I have also told him that he should net get effected by anyone,  to refresh his faith/belief and that the person who has faith/belief would definitely come out of  the hell life. In addition to these I have also told him that  he should not bother too much about anything and in his efforts for this the only condition is to be honest to himself.   Perhaps this warning would be able to  go over to the false conjectural feeling which had surrounded him and it would abolish the period  of   effect versus reaction or decrease its impact.

It would be very nice if  the ones who conjecture/surmise  everything would become aware of  the fact that they are missing lots of things!  

Istanbul, December 15th 2002

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