Ahmet F. Yüksel

We have difficulty in evaluating the concrete events or concepts within their own limits.  However,  we have to accelerate this situation in the  positive way. The reason is that while the real facts and the truth are being lost in the mystery of the abstract dimension  all we are left with are the results that are on the surface.

As a matter of  fact, Hz. Ali has pointed out an abstract concept by his statement ’The secret of the Universe is in the Koran, the Koran’s secret is in the verse of  Faatiha  (The Chapter of Opening)at the beginning and its secret is  in the letter B at the beginning and the secret of this letter is  in the point below it.’’    By this statement .Hz. Ali points out the forms of  the point and the most influential one in a very special manner. At the same time he emphasizes a series of inward openings. (going within for one’s own spiritual journey ).

With reference to this statement we are thinking that the adventure that has started at  B will in a way be completed at  B.

Now, let us  explain this :

In the knowledge of truth (the knowledge of the essence) Alif is symbolized  as a vertical line and it represents the  Ahadiyya, nothingness.

This identity of the Essence (Zat) is named as   The Hidden treasure, Absolute  Ghayb (the invisible, the unknown) and described  as a dimension which cannot be comprehended- perceived.

The revelations of  this place which are hard to express even by the word dimension are from  Allah to Allah.  In a way, there is nothing reflected  out, therefore Bismillah is not repeated, but it is being lived/experienced.  The reason is that everything has started at the Alif and ended up at the Alif   and the attributes of Rahman and Raheem has been left out. 

In the Koran al Kerim this place is defined as ‘’O Muhammad guidest not whom thou loves, but Allah guideth whom He will.  (Kasas 56)*

At the Alif there is not a visible universe.  There, the revelations begin in the knowledge and end in the knowledge (I am talking about the Knowledge of  the Essence).

Whereas B is the source of  all the things that are  reflected out  and this is the first revelation.  In actual fact, B is also the Alif which is in the horizontal form,  but it has taken a point under it and with that point it turns into B.  In this way Alif  becomes the B.

This indicates that the source of everything is Alif and everything comes out as a decree.

In this manner it is  foreordained, inevitable that everything starts with Ahadiyya or  with the B which has the same meaning. 

Hz. Ali, with his statement ‘’I am the point under the B’’  refers to the consciousness of  the  Asma (the beautiful names of Allah), the point-the quantum dimension.

When it is necessary to say  by the new expressions this place is the data (the source of knowledge) which is  most close to nothingness

We have said that B can be sensed together with the point under it.

While we are saying ‘’sensed’’ this is not a sense based on the conditionings, but it should be understood as  a formation; something which is the result of a perception evaluated  at the higher levels of a  mind  that comes from the  essence, from the heart .

So, in this manner Alif becomes the B.  In this case everything begins with the Alif which cannot be perceived, which is impossible to perceive and ends up  in  B, at the point under the B. 

Naturally, the path which goes from the point under the B  to the vertical form of  B, that is Alif  will bring  Allah’s guidance (hidaya).

As we have mentioned above  this guidance (hidaya) is the original one.

It should be known that at the Alif there is neither  witnessing nor a state of  continuous salat nor Allah’s guidance.   

As we have mentioned above this guidance  is the original one.

However, it is correct to say that the source of  Allah’s guidance, hidaya is Alif. 

Kuran al kerim has explained this happenning  with the decree ‘‘Be’’.

Everything that happens comes into existence within the knowledge of  the point, in other words  in the knowledge of  the asma (the beautiful names of Allah) and according to the explanation made by   today’s  positive sciences everything takes place in the quantum dimension.

This is an endless and limitless dimension which I want to tell. 

While we are saying that the secret of  the B is hidden in its point  this fact is pointed out. 

The past and future eternity , 

Zahir and batýn ( The visible and the invisible according to what is being seen and what cannot be seen), 

Kýdem and Hudüs (Seniority, precedence because of length of service and  late occurrence)  

Vücup and Ýmkan (Whose existence is necessary- whose existence or non existence does not make any difference)  The  disappearance with respect to the own essence-and to exist for someone else  are  present in the point below the B as images of  knowledge.

When the order ‘’Be’’ is reflected out, that is when it is reflected to the virtual universe it develops in the form of the shapes that we perceive.  When the order ‘’Be’’ is given it rains,  when the order ‘’Be’’ is given  the trees flourish,   when the order ‘’Be’’ is given there is an eartquake.

In summary, from the maximum dimension to the minimum dimension all the universes which we can define or which we cannot perceive have come into existence by the order ‘‘Be’’

The things that I am telling now are the  result of   this dimension observing  its own knowledge within its own knowledge.

The one who has saved himself  both from the physical and  the light body and who accepts himself as a structure made up of frequencies lives, experiences the  decree ‘‘Be’’  within, in the inner dimension, that is in his knowledge. 

He does not care about the outer reflection.

That is what is being expected from the  possessors of Allah. 

If,  the ones who are said to have the traits of Allah are speaking continuously about the external, outer world, then it is certain that they are doing this because the society in which they live in has not understood the concept of  the point below the B.

When we take into consideration the fact that the majority of  the people have developed  certain character traits such that  they criciticize  every idea, have a negative attitude, they do not like or appreciate anyone and especially when we consider the fact that they have got stuck in the material world; then  in such a case  we cannot expect  such a perception-practice to come out into the open. 

Such people react to the interesting ideas presented to them and their rejections are based on the points (!) which are wrong.

However, even these are present in the Dimension of  the Point (in the knowledge).

Article written in Turkish by Ahmet Fevzi Yüksel

Bodrum-August 11th 2010

*(The glorious Quran, translated by Pickthall)

** (English/ Articles/ Holographic Universe of Your Mind) ‘‘Through the meaning and reference of the name ‘‘Aliym’’ the quantum potential is aware and observes of its own infinite potential. This is the dimension referred to in sufism as the dimension which observes its own knowledge, through its own knowledge within its own knowledge.  It is referred to this subject in the very first verses (ayahs) of the Holy quran (Al-Fatihah-Opening).’’

There is no such transfiguration or revelation or manifestation of this dimension. 

Ýstanbul - August 23 th 2010


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