Recently there was a rumor which created lots of arguments; the former chief of football in a sports club (who is a new volunteer manager now for the same football club) had dinner in the same restaurant with the referee of the match that would be played with the rival team right on the next day.

As it is understood from the news that has been reflected to the press, some of the administrators in the club phoned the manager the moment they’ve heard about the incident. They said ‘’Get out of that place immediately’’.
Now, one can think ‘’Well, so long as one is sure of oneself what is wrong in this? I also could have been there or someone else could have been there too’’. However those who think in this manner are mistaken.

The reason is that those brains that have such a mentality, that have emptied out all their contents, could not grasp these values and this is very unfortunate. They immediately start to think of other things.

The value judgements of the society have gone into every field. However, this is not all what happens. For example, in this society one cannot think of a man and a woman being friends without having any affair (without sharing the sexuality) between them.

So, in a way under the prevailing conditions it is nearly impossible for two people to share the same values. Such an atmosphere is not something that the society is being used to.

If the friendship between two people is not in parallel with the ethical values of the society, if it cannot be defined by the classical definitions (if it goes beyond these), then speakers for that media start acting right away. In such a way that it looks as if there is a great big crime which cannot be compensated and that individual is left as an outsider, s/he is left out .

As the Greek thinker/philosopher Plato has said ‘’for those who are not ready to live the big events the only solution is to take shelter among the value judgements of the society’’.

Perhaps, if we had enough belief, then would these value judgements which are deformed, which have remained behind the century and have no use accept wasting our time continue in the same manner? At least would they be a hindrance for the human being on the path to the essence?

The way to get saved from the values which have come into being through the criteria of the past and the way for not covering up the truth passes through leaving those value judgements forever.
Never forget to say ‘’yes’’ to this statement with all your heart.


Istanbul, April 19th 2002

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