It is obvious that our society as a whole is passive as well as its individual members.

We are only jumping on a subject without analysing it, without analysing the reasons behind it.  The same is true in the field of  Philosophy and Mysticism.

‘’Philosophy is to search for the truth in the multiplicity along the numbers starting from an empty center, whereas religion is the institution of  contemplating about the ‘One’ in the multiplicity after having attained it. 

From this point religion and philosophy are two thought systems which are completely leading to opposite directions namely; one is leading to the north and the other is leading to the south.  Of course, this is the Islamic rule for value.

Philosophy is not  a tool for finding the truth, but it is the tool for finding out the mistakes of  one another  and being deprived of  the truth eternally.’’

The above lines have been written by Necip Fazýl Kýsakürek.  I do not know why he has said these and for what purpose.  However, when we look at the truth, what we can is  that the situation is not  the same as it has been stated.

Exactly at this point I would like to make an analysis, because I am thinking differently.

Let me explain!

I would like to start by giving an example of  how we can approach a subject from the philosophical point of view :-

Upon the wish of  the absolute consciousness the planets are  rotating both around themselves and around the sun in their never changing fixed orbits.  During these rotations the time, the days that emerge through the night, the seasons and the climates come into being.

If, only for an instant they start acting independently can you imagine what the universe would  be like?

So,  what is wrong  in philosophizing in this manner?  Could you explain me what is contradictory with the truth, with the logic in this process?

Yes, this branch of science which is described  as the most harmful insect on earth actually teaches the people how to think in a systematic way. It helps to form connections between abstract concepts. However, it is always perceived as ‘’a little bit of  an unnecessary luxury’’ and from time to time we see it as a thought concept that has been endured by the masses by means of  pressure, but which has not been accepted truly.

Such thoughts that are aimed to make the societies more lively  tell the people the truth, they tell that  no one  can harm others as well as himself .

This is a point of view, a principal, but it is neither an assumption nor an empty thought.

If, life is based on such an understanding and if  it  is told  in the same manner, then it becomes obvious that philosophy is not a harmful thing.

Moreover, to what extent would it  be correct to by pass this science  which is accepted as the opposite of  mysticism as it does not cover the real life experiences, practices. This is a subject that should be debated.

As you know,   there is an ideal which is a typical example of  the  mystical thought.  The mystical thought tries to hold it up like a  flag and this is  ideal is

‘’to be in unity’’.

However, most of the time this ideal that we have mentioned above is not put into practice and it is not experienced.

Moreover, if, every idea had been put into practice, then the dimension that is named as ‘’certainty’’ wouldn’t become  manifest. This means  that there wouldn’t be any variety, anyhow   it is even impossible to dream of such a thing.

My dear friends!

If  the concept that we have mentioned above covers the aspects contemplation, divine reason and ideas, if it is in conformity with the system, especially if it  does not have obvious contradictions  with the religion than there is nothing wrong in accepting it.

I am saying these for the ones who are not fond of philosophy so that they would at least  accept it.   

Istanbul, March 3rd 2005

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