In this corner I have written often about the brain.  Today, I would like to talk about something else  apart from  its  joyful state which is the brain’s focusing (fixing) on a certain point, in other words its getting locked and about the simple things that should be done  in order to get saved from such a state.

There are three factors that determine the magnificence of  the brain and these   are: The speed in thinking, the ability to make decisions and becoming active. If,  you do not have the necessary capacity/ability to do these, then the process of opening the locks and going towards the big goals is only left to  miracles.

Now, let us come to the main point;

The brain which is fixed on the past events /memories lives within  boundaries. This is a state in which the brain continuously contradicts itself and it is always in a disturbed state.  Moreover, it is also anxious about a certain subject and has fears about what it is going to face. As you would appreciate, the fears have an important role in life.   When we look at the matter within such a perspective we can become aware of  the fact that the situation is very demoralizing and  this is is immediately reflected on the mood of the individual.

The most interesting aspect of  the matter is that we can teach our brain to be more flexible while approaching the problems instead of  being too stiff.

In this manner we make it  possible for the brain to break its stiff moulds  and  work more efficiently. 

For example, we can use the power of belief  which is present in our data base (the data base of  the brain) and stop using the expressions that start with the phrase ‘’I wish I had ...’’  (such as ‘’I wish I had said, gone... etc. which expresses the dissatisfaction about the things that we have done.)  In case of an

event that we have to encounter   we can say ‘’I had to face such and such a thing  by the decision  of Allah’’ and make our brain  live the reality without getting carried away by the polemics.

The reason is that in the end our brain would have to accept and put into practice this concrete warning.

Prof. Dr. Nurselen Toygar from the Ege University, Department of the Physiology of  the Basic Medical Sciences points out that the brain needs orders to work and the same  activities that are being done continuously make the brain lazy. Thus, she says ‘’Try to surprise your brain by changing the road that you travel everyday, the music that wakes you up every morning or by changing the design of your room or your office.’’

When we look at the matter from this point, then we can  see that  our brain would at least not complain about  the lack of  interest. (In this manner we shall be showing our interest).

As can be understood it would either listen to us and believe whatever we tell and whatever we plan or  it would be bound  to go independently  in the direction of  the wind and the wind will toss the brain around, it will throw it to  wherever it likes.

Meanwhile, in order not to live with a big dissapointment and in order not to remain fixed on a certain subject we can consult the individuals who will support our understanding, our perception and who can help us.

For example, in the Christian religion a specific  matter which disturbs the individual is ended by the act of  ‘’confessing the sins’’. This is a religious service at which someone tells their faults to a priest who stays  behind a curtain.   Here, the objective is to make the individual   feel at ease, to close the matter without giving way to gossip, to prevent the brain from getting locked, save it from  megolomania and transform it to its former state.

As you can understand our brain deserves to be presented both by a nice path and a better  reality to follow.  The reason is that the brain is bound  to believe in something because it has been created in this way and it is a being which is very suitable for  suggestions.

The philosophy of mysticism explains and defines this practice technically as   ‘’the consciousness is forming the brain’’.   

Istanbul, September 29th 2005



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