First of  all let us mention the following point:-

It wouldn’t be correct to search for  new kinds of  synthesis because of thinking that the feeling of confidence has weakened.   As a matter of  fact, it is very difficult for an individual who has lost his faith and confidence to go into these stages.  Therefore, it is impossible to look for a  synthesis if  one does not have the necessary confidence/faith.

As a second point let us remember  The Human-God cycle. Let us accept that the biggest mistake is based on the understanding which accepts that there is a  God to be worshipped and this indeed  attracts the individual from different points.

For this reason, we must admit that the individualistic/ being in servitude side of  the human being becomes more dominant.

 As a result, it is the human being himself who relates everything to this worshipped God such as the happenning  or not happenning of things;  honouring or degrading something.

The reason is that the existence of  a God to be worshipped takes away the free will of  the human being  or  by sharing it turns him into a controlled, guided robot.   If, we can leave the understanding in which there is a god to be worshipped and  if

we can distribute this new awareness into every single point of our lives, then it would be very easy for us to reach a new synthesis.

The philosophy to  live without the concept ‘’beyond’’ is the first indicator of  our objective, perhaps it is the first signal of our search for  a new synthesis.

The reason is that in the ordinary people underlying the  thought/ the willingness for change there is definitely some incontentment/ dissatisfaction.

The most  significant example for this can be seen in the life of Hz. Mawlana. Before he had met Þems he was the most important scientist of his time. However,  his ideas which did not have any connection with the essence were far from making him content and most of  the time he was bored and depressed because, the understanding of  stating a thesis, an anti thesis and reaching a synthesis had not yet developed in his innate

program.  Therefore, in the end he,himself  was always  the looser  and he could not reach the welfare/the freedom that he had been longing for.

For a long time, for many years he lived in this manner. However, this person who had a strong determination and will power chose the path for finding new synthesis under the direction of his guide.  He did not hesitate to do whatever

Þems had told him to do. So, in a very short time he left aside his conjectural self and attained the truth and reached the desired level.

The thought of  searching for  a new synthesis makes the individual to be against the rules determined by the society. 

The more effective the struggle  the more the dogmas will be turned down. The individual’s state of mind, his request for more, his being open to criticisms and discussions shows this openly.

If, at this point we can get rid of  the dualities, then we can understand in a much better way  how the existence has been shaped by the cycles.

So long as we do not push hard on the system it would be difficult to reach new synthesis by small attempts.

At this point it is very difficult for  the traditions,  the norms and the value judgements in the society to support and get adapted to

a new structuring.

In order to reach a new synthesis it is useful to make extensive studies. It is obvious that without investigating the realities it will be difficult to make some changes.

However, we should respect the ones who want to stay as they are.  It is important not to overlook this detail.

Istanbul, March 17th 2004


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