Gossip is the name of  a deep rooted illness. It takes its start when one sees the empty part of  the glass instead of  the full part.

We all know that the biggest characteristics in being extraordinary is to stay away from this concept which is considered as a very negative quality in the society.

Unfortunately,  after a certain point those who have been dealing with  some kind of negative work get carried away with the lethargy  of  this powerful feeling and they seem to loose their control.  When we think about the subject in the light of  this fact, then we can accept that gossip comes to the fore all by  itself.

It is not possible to understand why some people make the society accept this concept  which does  not have any  value and why they try to give it a form.

However, those who have common sense can stay out of  this incurable illness which tries to encircle them from time to time and they can open a completely new page in their lives.   Whereas, the one who falls into the traps of  this illness gets destroyed.

The act of gossip  is something about which the humans who are in control themselves never want to think of !…

This concept reflects a state in which one makes another  individual his target and in an irrespectable  manner says  things behind this target person which he  would neither  approve nor  like.    This is the outcome  of  an insufficiency in the thought mechanism that enables one to make  a thesis and an antithesis.  It  gives a terrible knock down to the person who is doing it.

The humans are insistent in refusing to  understand this dimension which  has never left them  all history long  and which still does not show any difference….

This quality has been described by Hz. Rasul of  Allah  as

‘’Eating  the meat of one’s sister or brother!…’’

Gossip is an event with many aspects.    It never  points out that the subject of gossip is logical. If  it points out something, then  at the very most it would be nonsense.  In short, we can say that gossip  prevents to be homogenous. The participants’ approach to this concept without  having a deep look at the subjects and without making an analysis shows this clearly.  The friendship of  the ones who share the negativity is artificial and it is not real.  They cannot find the means to be creative/productive and they are turning around within a viscious circle.

The best indicator for this is that they never mention/speak about the mystical sensitivity about the gossip and they do not act in accordance with the principals and the rules.

The biggest misfortune for the ones who gossip is that they are not aware of  their losses because of  this big mistake and also they are not aware of  the fact that in the long run they are going to be responsible for this and they would be questioned.   Nobody suggests to behave in this manner.

Although it is evident that gossip will cost  much for a person, it is really impossible to understand why people keep on doing this negative act. In the society there isn’t a warm welcome for such people.

Gossip causes a cut in the communication between the people and in a similar way  it becomes denser and it becomes something that affects the whole society.    The one who has a tendency for gossip creates this possibility and as soon as  he finds the means he starts to be active without losing time.  However, the problems of  the ones who think about gossipping as a favorable aspect never seem to end.  The limits of  the gossipping individual have already been set.

When we take a look at the whole it seems that in many places all over the world the people have taken their share of  this negative condition.

On the other hand some people are after the science/the knowledge and they do not run after the gossip.  They cannot risk the loss of  time in compensating whatever they are missing.  The concept that we name as stability is valid for them.

A believer knows that  his real  objective is to live in gossipless surroundings and to get along well with himself.  It is a must to get rid of this disgusting situation which creates tension among the social groups, which almost divides the society and which tries  to keep on the agenda what has been done before. 

It is impossible for every  logical and  responsible individual to overlook

 such a way of  life…

Istanbul, December 26th 2002

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