The teachings of   a pillow

Please, do not say that no one has ever seen a pillow  teaching, especially the pillow of  a teacher.  You decide after reading the story.

Once upon a time there was a student who did not like the teachings and the suggestions of  his old, wise teacher.  One day, the student became very angry by the words of  the old teacher, because he was right in whatever he said.  He had shown his student all his weaknesses which were difficult to accept  and which the student did not want to see.

The objective of the teacher was to transfer  him the right and the correct knowledge as he has done to all of his students, to prevent him as much as possible from taking the  wrong way and be helpful to him through his vast experience.  However, it was hard for the student to accept the words of  his teacher and he was furious.  So, he decided to take revenge from his teacher as it was very difficult for him to accept the facts told by his teacher.

In the first place, the student  told the teacher directly that he did not know anything and he was just an old idiot.  Afterwards, he started talking against him.  In every place that he went he kept on telling lies about his teacher and created ugly  stories.  Many people turned their back on the teacher because of  the words that the student said against him.  

At last, one day, at school his brother was accused of  doing something very bad which  was a complete lie.  This made him  very unhappy  as he knew that it wasn’t true.  Then, he remembered all the lies he told  about his teacher as well as  the gossip and the backbiting  he made. He repented  for what he had done.

At last he went to his teacher’s home to apologise for his deeds  with tears in his eyes.  He said ‘’I have told many lies about you, twisted the truth. I made everyone your enemy. Now, I understand my mistake and I am  guilty consicous. Please, forgive me for what I have done.’     The teacher did not answer him for a long time and at last he said ‘’Yes, I can forgive you, but at first you must do something for me.’’

The student was surprised and said ‘’What do you want me to do?’’ The teacher looked into his eyes and said ‘’Now, let us go upstairs to the attic  and I will show you, but I must take something from my room first.’’

When the teacher returned he was carrying a big pillow under his arm made of birds’feathers.

The poor student spent much effort in order to stop himself from asking what the pillow was for and why they went up to the roof.   In spite of  this fact he remained silent. 

They climbed upto the top floor feeling breathless.  There was a mild wind blowing.   From there, they could see the endless land which was lying far beyond the city.  All of   a sudden, the teacher, without saying anything tore down the cover of  the pillow and emptied all the feathers into the air.

The mild wind distributed the feathers and carried them everywhere.  To the other streets, to roof tops, under  the cars, over the trees, to the backyards where the children played, moreover to the highway and further away.  The teacher and the student watched for a while the feathers flying around.  At last, the teacher turned to his student and said ‘’Now, I want you to go and gather those feathers for me’’.

The student gulped ‘’Gather all the feathers!? However, this is impossible’’.

The teacher said ‘’Yes, I know. Those feathers are like the lies that you told about me.  Once you start telling you cannot stop them (spreading)  even if you regret for it afterwards. Perhaps,  you can tell a few people that the things you told about me were lies, but the winds of gossip have carried them everywhere.   You can put out a single match by blowing on it, but you cannot put out the fire in the big forest by a single blow which  has started by burning a single match!’’

The moral of  the story: My dear readers, do not live in a viscious circle in order to find a solution to the problems.   During your whole life never speak behind people.  Never, lower yourself in order to tell lies about people, to  play tricks against them, because some day the same things may be done to you. A day may come when you will do exactly  the things once  you have criticized  as well as  the behaviour of people  which you have found silly in the past.  When you feel that you are not sufficient, then learn how to keep silent, be  affectionate to innocent and downtrodden people.  Most important of  all, one day, you may remember that you are a human being and you may regret for what you have done.  However, being sorry and regretful is not something good. IT separates you from yourself.  In order to expain that such a feeling   is wrong correct Allah’s Rasul Hz. Mohammad advises not to use the statement   ‘’I wish I didn’t !’’  

May you remain with love and may you be entrusted to Allah.

Ýstanbul - 28.06.2007


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