I do not know if some people have these concepts on their agenda, but to know and to live (to apply, to experience, to practice) are different concepts.  However, due to a strange state of mind they are being confused.  To know is a quality which is acquired according to  a certain plan and it is the result of  education and training.

Another question is if  knowing  alone means anything (without the application), but  it is certain that to know some things never means to live them (to apply, to practice).  It is impossible to think of  living, practicing something without knowing it.  An individual knows a subject and lives it  afterwards or else he does not know  the subject, then  living, experiencing it  is never possible. 

This is the reason why it has been said ‘’It is impossible to have an idea (about something) without the knowledge/the science’’.

As a matter of  fact,  when the concept ‘’to know’’ is simplified and brought to its simplest form it is being considered as similar to living,experiencing,  but it is certain that as the first stage the compulsory thing is to know.

Yes, to know is very important. Following this the next step is  the maturation  of  the knowledge and that is living, practicing it.  The Koran is emphasizing these dimensions as Ýlm-ul Yakiyn (perceiving the truth by means of acquiring firm knowledge), Ayn-ul Yakiyn (after having realized and perceived the truth feeling it within oneself) and Hakk-ul Yakiyn (to live the divine meanings fully by means of  the divine offer).

Lots of discussions are being made about the developing world which is becoming global and the necessity of  being a society of  information is a very common subject.    When we look at the matter from this point the subject  of debate is whether our efforts to acquire knowledge and find out the sources of information are sufficient or not.

It is possible to discuss all the subjects (that one can think of )  with the individuals who do have knowledge.   We can learn how important we are with their help.   Aren’t we also arranging/managing the dozage of  the relations and the friendships by their help?  Are you able to express the pleasure we get out of  sharing our feelings and ideas with the person who knows?

We are able to become aware of  the fact that  we have become the slaves of ourselves without noticing  or learn about our  character and  understand that we have a slippery character  again by means of  knowing (by means of  the  knowledge).

Actually, in the minds of some people there isn’t anything in connection with knowing, living and changing accordingly.  Instead of  knowing and living they are running after the artificial events which are continuosly on the agenda.  Afterwards, they forget these subjects that they have been following, because their main effort is to give to the outside world  the impression that they are being very active.  This is the reason why they do not have the patience  to analyse and to contemplate in order to know something. This is the reason why  they are talking about the different points of view by attributing them different names.  In short,  lack of knowledge and living (experience, application) is similar to waking up from dreams full of nonsense scenes within a short time.

I am thinking that the individual who requests the knowledge will take the necessary  steps to live it  and will certainly have a place on the stairs of  the humanity.

Knowing gives the individual the energy to fight as well as  desire, courage, new hopes, a new life, freshness like a rebirth,  awakening and decisiveness.

The religion is for the happiness of  the individuals, the order of  the society and for the purpose of explaining the dimension beyond death.  Without knowing these points it is impossible to live the concept mentioned as religion. In order to have belief/faith it is necessary to know the points that one has to believe.   For example, when speaking about the angels it is necesary to have at least some knowledge about the angels.

Yes, everything starts with knowing.  The one who becomes the slave of  not knowing/ ignorance lives only in his imagination.

There is another interesting aspect to this subject :  The ones who think that they are important, in other words the ones who do know (who have knowledge) should transform this knowledge into life (experience, put into practice) as soon as possible.  This is compulsory for the state of  being  which is named as total surrender.  

The reason is that knowing (knowledge) takes one only upto a certain level, but this  is not sufficient.

Istanbul, January 9th,2003

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