Are you separating me from the whole and limiting me with only one part of  it?
Am I not going to investigate the beginning of  the universe?
Who has attributed the images to the things?
Who has decomposed that calm material that was flowing in the whole?
Wouldn’t I be ever able to ask ‘’Who is the creator of  this world?’’
How could  such a big mass was put under control by rules and orders?
Who has gathered together all that scattered material?
Who has picked and sorted out those things that were in utter disorder?
Who has distributed a certain vision to those that had no images and that  were present in that one whole  gathering?
Wouldn’t I be able to know from where I have descended?
Where am I supposed to go from this planet earth?
Am I not going to investigate  and ask questions  about  these?
I have been created to be great and I was born to be much more greater than the things that make me a slave of my own body...’’
(Senaca; Moral letters)

My dear friends!
While the performance of  the individual is observed closely in order to emhasize some points and some subjects,  the basic indicator of   the individual’s  performance is the state of  his consciousness.

For example, if  the individual is unable to answer at least some of  the above questions, then this shows that his belief is full of ignorance, false, superstitious and nonsense. The reason is that it is compulsory  to know the consciousness  present in every particle of  the universe and this is one of the basic factors  that would be influential in the future  of  the humanity.  In the terminology of  the religion this concept was tried to be explained by the word ‘’Nafs/the self’’. However  that Nafs is nothing else, but the absolute Self. 

The Quran states that even a bee gets his share from  this consciousness and receives a wahey (divine inspiration) also, this absolute consciousness has invited the human being to think  in the sky that is full of stars and the sun signs/ the constellations.

When the consciousness becomes dense in the brain,  depending on the data base of  the brain  it accepts itself  as a pile of flesh and bones, in other words  as a physical body.  Therefore,  it accepts all the desires of  that flesh and bone body as its own. So,  it goes on living in accordance with  the needs of  the physical body and runs after the  pleasures which are not a must in life.

When looked at from this point, the nafs/the self  finds itself  on the material plane. Therefore, although it has taken its existence  from Allah we can no longer expect it to observe Allah’s oneness, power, will, knowledge, wisdom, the divine reasons as well as  this universe which is one of  the infinite universes, the events and the magnificent system that Allah has created from one single window.

While attempting for the infinite  horizon of  the universal values the individual becomes somewhat paralyzed (unable to advance)  and the main causes for such a situation are the instincts  which have not been trained and which could not make the necessary  advancements.

Most of  the time the individual obeys his instincts.  The nafs in the individualistic sense  has a tendency for the worldly pleasures and lives in accordance with its  desires  and this is the expected result.  In order to make an observation at a higher level, one  has to understand  what his truth is.

Therefore, in the first place it is a must for one to change his habits, behaviour and character.  Regarding this transformation the Quran has emphasized that the human being should  train and discipline  his nafs and has brought along the warning ‘’only the one who purifies  his nafs can be saved’’.  The consciousness of  the individual  takes its existence from a more concrete dimension in comparison with an abstract structure. It takes its existence from the universal consciousness.

The foundation of this existence is being laid  on the 120th day (of the fetus) in the mother’s womb.

Afterwards, many factors, namely, the fixed life program of the individual (ayan-ý sabite), the talents, the baby’s coming out of  the mother’s womb, the genetic data/ the influence of  the parents and the environment become dense at the periods when the hormones become active and  and bring the individual to a state of being, to a level of being  such that he  becomes responsible (for his deeds).

What is important is that in the following phase the individual should know what his origin and truth is. I must admit  that this is not a conclusion derived from our observations and experiments, but it becomes manifest by the wish of  the universal consciousness.

Actually, isn’t this also the  objective our existence?

Istanbul, April 7th 2005

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