Nowadays, in order to perceive the Quran and in spite of all the things that are being lived, the only thing that we have to do is to be sensitive as much as we can about this ‘’universal dimension’’. We should be conscious  (and fully aware of )  this dimension as much as our capacity permits us to do so in a determined and  multi cultural way.  

If, this cannot be  done, then it seems that we shall not have any chance to catch the limitlessness of  what is pointed out by the name Allah, to find this within ourselves and live/experience  accordingly.   The lessons that should be taken out of artificial knowledge accumulations and experiences are pointing out these. 

The core of  the matter is that when a commonsense approach is made in accepting this, then  this matter and the ways of solving it would be much more easier. 

The subject that I am talking about does not have any relation with having an empathy.  It is also not connected with healing the wounds of  the society. It is not ‘’We shall come to your home watch the TV and talk’’ or ‘’You come to our home and we can some  cake and a cup of tea’’.   I am saying this openly; what I am talking about is accepting a power, a science and ‘’to melt away the old knowledge which means to throw out the wastes’’.

Of course, I am writing these for us, for the ones who are interested deeply  in this matter.  My words are for those who do care about this subject.

This is inherent in our identity and in the blood that is running in our veins and arteries.  If,  this subject cannot settle down in our minds with common sense and develop accordingly, then where will it go?

Let me answer it right away: It leads  to the worshipped God (concept)!

The science which we have once perceived only as words has changed, developed  rapidly and keeps on doing so and  it is really at our doorstep now.  It  reflects us the living Islam in the most realistic way such that it doesn’t resemble anything we have heard before.  Now, it has started to be the new address of the Quran.  Therefore, we must contribute and spend the utmost effort in perceiving this.  At least, in our bust daily life we should give a place to this subject  and think deeply about it (so that it can settle down in our minds).  

I know, there are the ones who are very much interested in Islamic stories, who want  to see the creation only at this level and who have been used to live with these. They  will start to raise their voices and they  will try to find a support for themselves, but everything is over and there is no way of  turning back. 

I believe  that in a framework of  thinking  where there is not a search for making a show of  good will, the problems will start to be solved and they will be abolished by a way of thinking which is open to the new.

The first detail about this point is to determine  that the  material level does not exist.

I can say only one thing to those who say ‘’I cannot undertand this’’ and my word is ‘’It is necessary to know Allah’’!  

When we talk about ‘’knowing’’ this should not only be something imaginary no matter what you think about yourself.  It is necessary to understand ‘’that’’ meaning and understand it at the scientific level (in terms of science), even to leave the  mystical models carrying the smell of   the allegories aside and work on the concrete scientific data.

This is the only thing that should be done. 

When it comes to this point none of us will have a word to say and at this point we shall find ourselves with a real understanding of the Quran.

You should know that if, we remain stubborn and stay where we are ( stick with the old), then Allah will never forgive us. 

In connection with this we must point out an important development too.

It is our duty to take into consideration al the sensitive and the delicate points in order not to harm the recent manifestation.

The reason is that the narrow minded, prejudiced  ones who think that life is only to stay away from the  worldly matters will insist on their old way of  thinking and will not change their minds  with the start of  this project. I know this. However, with such an attitude (perhaps they are not aware of it ), they have already made themselves outsiders and directed themselves towards a chaos.

May you remain with love and may you be  entrusted to Allah. 

Istanbul, March 1st 2007


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