We love to live in our cocoon as an individual. We never think of piercing a hole in  our cocoon, to put our head out through that hole and observe the universe.
Our only dream is to live with love in our cocoon. 

However, the magic of  the universality turns  all the values within our cocoon upside down. 

The things that are accepted as the realities of yesterday  such as wearing a necktie, dancing, wearing a black tie dress, looking down upon the non-muslim, eating hamburgers, using a carry phone, establishing imaginary friendships, driving a car, adopting a personality which is based on the make up culture are the states of  mind, those versions of  the mind  which have  still remained within the cocoon. 

The son of  man has realized that there isn’t an end to this kind of  behaviour and way of  thinking. He realized  that he had to stay away from this pluralistic media which is disconnected from the truth/the realities, which indeed does not have any meaning. In parallel with this realisation he made himself believe  that in order to be superior, to be an authority, to become more respectable and believable the only possibility that he had was to pierce the cocoon.     

Trying to be individualistic remains considerably poor and ugly when compared to universality.  You can immediately become aware of such a situation in an article that you read or  in the way you look at the events. 

For example,  if you can be calm and neutral in any kind of  action towards a stranger and if you can keep the same attitude if that action is made to a person close to you,  or when you loose something if you do not keep your mind busy with it, then this means that in your consciousness the universal lights have started to shine.

The first step out from the cocoon starts in this manner. It is the sign showing that the consciousness has reached a certain level.

 Of course, what I have been telling is not something which can be grasped  without taking any risks and it never takes place by chance in a random manner.

 The answer to the question ‘’What are the things that are successful in  keeping  the individual inside the cocoon?’’ should be ‘’the feelings, emotions, conditionings, value judgements and the comments in relation with these.’’ 

The most important thing is that during the process of   piercing the cocoon there are difficulties which one has not met before.   These are the things which we have acquired in the  past and did not have the courage to get rid of  them. 

At the root of  all  these  there lies the feelings such as   touchiness, anger,  rage, enmity,  revenge. As a result  when that wild and fierce thing named as the false conjectures / suppositions start to play its role, then the individual accepts himself as only a body of flesh and bones and goes on living in this manner. 

Amidst this chaos the human being  tries not to loose his individual desires, beliefs, values and opinions in a  horizontal transformation instead of  reaching out to the universal values. 

Moreover, he is deprived of  the freedom of  speech, the talent of expressing his thoughts freely.  Therefore,  the one who looses  is the individual. 

As a result he becomes more and more introvert and produces for his individuality. He  cannot make up a whole with the meaning.  It is sad to say , but he forgets his real position, the objective  of his existence and he cannot pierce, make a hole in  the wall in which he had prisoned himself. 

In that confused state (which he cannot overcome)  he leads a happy  life,  because he loves his COCOON.


Istanbul, June 10rd 2003  

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