Ahmet F. Yüksel

I have just returned from England (London) which is a country where people are not interested much how  others are dressed and prefer to live an introverted life. This  kind of living may not be accepted by some.   This time I have reached the places which I have not seen before as well as meeting and embracing new friends. At the same time, I had the chance to give my condolences to the family of a beloved friend  who had died recently. I wish that may the blessings of Allah be with him.

The global crisis is prevailing there too. The unqualified, uneducated workers have  invaded London.  I have seen hopeless people walking around and looking for a job.  Just think, right after Poland has been accepted as a EU country, 250.000 jobless workers have come to  England.  Perhaps you will not believe, but the heavy tragedies are being experienced here due to being jobless and miserable.

However, no one makes speculations and says ‘’My vote is not equal to the vote of   the shepherd in the mountains’’.

The Muslims, Christians and the Jews are not a homogenous group.  We know this.  However, a Jewish friend with whom I had the chance to speak  told me that the subjects that we have shared are overlapping with his philosophy.  As we had limited time we couldn’t go into the depths  (of the subjects).  When I gave him my article named ‘’The Sun has Set in England’’ he said that he would  read  all of  my web site.

I am very thankful  to have witnessed the transformations  that Islam has passed through in this country too.   The ‘’misreading’’ or ‘’ideological  reading’’ which is very much widespread in Islamic circles is being left aside gradually. The term which may sound rather old fashioned is  going to diminish.

The hadith that  points out  ‘’The one who eats and  goes to sleep with a full stomach while his neighbour is hungry is not from us’’ is considered as a virtue. Together with this development there are many people who want to know Allah’s Rasul in deeper dimensions. 

Today, a deep rooted, rigid hegemony  is shedding light over the renovation model which is being emphasized by me too.

As far as I have observed Islam is no longer the fixed product coming out of  the work done by  individuals,  but instead it goes into the activities of  the nations and flourishes there.

I hope that by means of a rapid change it can become the meeting point of  people.

According to the information I have received there has been a department opened in the University of Oxford for the great sufi (mystic) and Saint of Allah Muhittin Arabi and there are many followers.   This means:  the way the religion  is perceived is  changing rapidly by means of  the positive sciences. This is what is being seen at the first instant.

Depending on the developments it will reach the mode of  renovation as we have mentioned, because in a very interesting way life is pushing the individuals towards this point.  This important detail is as follows:-

England is one of  the places where Islam is being lived in the most comfortable and easy manner.  I cannot refrain speaking about this point, because the conditionings of  the society are not like ours.  First of all no one worries about the way how other people are being dressed.  No one resists the taboos.   No one names or declares  others as ‘’a religious fanatic’’  ‘’a reactionist’’  or as ‘’a radical supporter of religion.’’

(Meanwhile, you can remind me that I am using often the term ‘’mullah’’ in my articles. Please, let me explain . These approaches were  not made to humiliate the  people, but  to refer to those individuals  who did not want to speak about religion in its original form and who insisted stubbornly in doing the same mistake. However, if I had said something wrong please accept my apologies. )

The interesting thing is that the core, the essence of  the things that we want to explain are all gathered at this point. 

As you know, wherever I visit I do not tell about the social life in that place very much.   This is my style.  My field of interest has been mysticism all the time.   Therefore, I would like to give you small notes about the  subjects we have shared here.

First of  all, the people who live here are not living with a feeling of    being left out.   Of course,  I am telling this regarding the mystical subjects. Almost everyone has the necessary documents.  There is  a shared, common opinion and the most important of all they are believing, they have belief.  They  believe that they are sufficient for themselves.  What a nice  approach?  Don’t you think so?  They are attached firmly  to their ways of living.  As it is known, they have stepped into the renovation by means of  the articles coming from that special source. 

We can see the examples in front of us. It is very interesting that you may become frustrated by the questions that they are asking if you have not been prepared well.   In such a case,  the axis  of  the transformations can be read (perceived).  In a way, in the depths of  these people’s lives (who do not seem interested) this  can be seen clearly and it resembles a root where all the branches that seem separate from each other have united.’’

Of course, all the things that I have told are my personal thoughts and I hope that Allah will not mistaken me.  However, when I look at today’s London I see those who believe that romantic experiences do not mean much and it is necessary to hold and embrace the truth, the real. I see these people, know them and witness them. 

(to be continued)

Ýstanbul - December 15 th 2010


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