It doesn’t matter who you are;   you may be wearing  a beard for religious purposes, you may be wearing a religious dress, your wife and daughter may be covered up in black from head to toe, you may be against being contemporary or you may be wearing  a blouse with only thin stripes on the shoulders, a mini skirt or  a bikini or  attend to receptions, balls, cocktail parties or  wear a neck tie, a smoking, always go around with  a glass of whisky in your hand, or while bathing in the sea you may be totally covered up or else you may be   a reactionist or a silent man who only observes, but these are only upto a certain point.

When you have this disease everything is finished, because your mind is deprived of  the concepts of  winning-loosing,  to like or to be liked and unfortunately it is unable to make  these concepts function.

In such a state,  the brain can no longer set up innocent dreams/games which are  a must for life; it can no longer create ideas and  it cannot think. It doesn’t have the chance to make a choice between one’s own  benefits or someone else’s.

It has lost its right to choose  the best for itself or the worst for his enemy as well as its extremely impressive order  and discipline.  It doesn’t have the chance to decide whether to give up or to continue.  It doesn’t have the ability to give an end to this condition (to decide to cut off the branch on which he is staying).

The scientists who have examined this meaningless condition of  the human being at this stage were helpless against this illness and they named it as ‘’Alzheimer’s’’.

This is a situation in which  the natural electricity in our brain is turned off and we no longer have the chance to go into the minute depths/details of our existence as  all the information that we have saved has been deleted. We cannot remember what we have read, learned and we cannot recognize the people whom we know.

When looked at from outside this is a condition where  helplessness, and ruthlessness  is being felt with all its nakedness.

About Alzheimer’s the scientists are saying ‘’this is not an illness pertaining only to the old age’’. Its real cause is not known. It may be as a result of  genetics, the way of nutrition or as a result of a trauma.  It comes out suddenly under  different conditions. In short, the brain eats  itself up.

My dear friends!

Now, the real subject that I want to explain here is another illness which I find similar to this or worse.  This  is the point of  getting away from Allah.

It is really interesting;

In this illness the individual forgets gradually the truth/the reality which he tries to live/to experience/to put into practice, because the feelings become more dominant. So, he climbs to the peak of  the individuality, thus  turns back to the point where he has first started.  The manners, the rules, the method has been  lost.  Perhaps, the change which is made on the surface is accompanied by the change within the individual’s essence.

I am catching this from the different conversations and the observations that I make. In short, the whole, universal mind changes into the individual mind .  In the end, the person who once said that  that he had found the absolute being in his essence,  now has certain rigid value judgements, he is a little bit prejudiced and makes judgements without any reason.

It is impossible not to be amazed  and ask ‘’How can a human being experiences/lives such a thing?’’  However, it happens. The individual no longer knows why he is doing such things and actually forgets his objective all of  a sudden.

In any case, the truth is that the son of  man becomes veiled from the state of certitude and abandons his own self .

Istanbul, October 21st, 2005


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