An Analysis about
the concept of  trouble

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     All over the world among the practices made the most perfect one is Zikr (remembrance of Allah).   As you know,  there is a lot of information on this point both in the Quran-al Kerim and in the Hadiths.   The researcher/ author, master Ahmed Hulusi is placing much importance to Zikr, because Zikr increases the functioning potential of the brain    

     Also, regarding the brain his approach is ‘’When you ask for worldly things, that is when you ask for money and material things the brain makes it easy for you and opens the road for it. However, if you ask for Allah, (the brain) opens the road for Allah and accepts all your prayers.’’

     Therefore,  if, you wish for Allah, then you find Allah. If you ask for your trouble, then you find trouble.  ‘’Finding your trouble’’ means in a sense to turn towards the world  and deal with worldly affairs.

     He means that these conditions, in summary  ‘’ trouble is of no use accept keeping  your mind  busy with worldly affairs.’’

     In a hadith Allah’s Rasul (s.a.v) declares to someone who is asking for patience ‘’You have asked for trouble from Allah’’.

     As it is impossible to refuse these words and as a necessity of life, mind and manners it is necessary to think ‘’it is a must to run away from trouble’’.

     However, it is very interesting that Hz. Beyazýd Bestami, known as a great Saint,  in his prayers used to say ‘’You are giving bread, at least give us a little bit of trouble so that we can add it to the bread.’’

     His prayer is showing us that it is not possible for one to reach his  essence, his truth without trouble. The life of  some people who are examples (namely, the saints)  goes on in this manner.

     All right, then what is the matter?

     I am thinking that there is nothing wrong.

     From these we get the meaning that both Rasul of Allah’s and Master Ahmed Hulusi’s words are addressing a certain group-capacity who are not aware how severe the matter is.

     Now, without leaving anything closed we have to solve the questions that come to mind.

     We know that the biggest troubles are coming regularly to the Nabi(s) and to the Rasul(s).

This point is very clear.

     That is the son of man cannot attain a certain point and become powerful  without experience.  Whereas to become experienced is a result of  the troubles.

     The majority is thinking so.  However, some are telling this openly and some are just thinking about it.  Those who are just thinking, but not speaking about it cannot overcome the unforeseen dangers, pronlems that come to them.

     There is no doubt that an identity who is  religious and who wants to reach for the truth is evaluated not only by the normal-simple daily living, but by the things that he can and he cannot do.

     In time this need grows more.

     Being a  devout/religous person does not solve the matter.  His reasoning approach (to matters) veils himself and he cannot take the messages regarding his essence. Perhaps this condition means that his problems are still going on. At this point along with the wishes it is necssary to take into consideration  the fears and the false conjectures too.

     However, when the reality becomes manifest  all the mistakes and the baloons can be seen then this leads to a surprise.

     All our  anxieties and our efforts are  for patching up, closing up these holes.

This means to make a caricature out of the concept of trouble which indeed draws a complicated picture regarding‘’what is what and what will be the foundations of the synthesis.****

     However, it cannot take   the concept of trouble beyond a  simple exchange of ideas.

     Running away from problems certainly has a meaning. I am sure of this.  If not,  the verses which are indexed to this concept and which indicate a ‘’test’’ will be invalid and it is impossible to accept this.

     At this stage I know many people who have the attitude that we have mentioned and who have two different ideas.  Some of  them, while talking about the truth if something unwanted comes to them  do not know what to do.   However, the ones whose lives have passed by dealing with problems become significant very clearly.  They never shake.

     There is no doubt that when we are speaking about the one whose name is Allah, living an empty  life without any experiences,  going on without seeing the problems (as if they were not there)does not seem to be a solution.

     If, at this level one succeeds in standing upright, then it is by means of  the problems that he has faced and absorbed.

     It shouldn’t be forgotten that our points of view, our lives so long as we do not face  different actions, events will pass only by talking much.

     In such a case  the truth will be  closed for us.

     If, you see a person who suffers much when confronted with even simple things, then we can say that it is  because enough trouble could not  reach that person.




Fethiye - 14.10.2010