Please tell us about yourself :

-I am an ordinary person. I cannot think of  any special characteristics that I have, I can say that I am not more different than the grocer on the street.

What is your job?  Author?

I am a simple citizen.  Any one  who has been  given a corner to write in a newspaper or  a periodical is titled as a researcher-writer.   In actual fact,  to be  a ‘’Researcher’’ one needs to conclude in depth studies and cover extensive work. Moreover, any person who possesses this title has to publish a thesis, a book. Such an academic title is a luxury for me.  Taking all of  these points into consideration I must admit that I do not like a style of writing that is full of anecdotes. My objective is to connect the old and the new and make a whole, form a unity.

All right, but nowadays anyone is named as a writer like Mr.Ahmet or Mr.Mehmet  what would you say about this?

First of all  I must say that along with their nobility that comes from the family through the genes, some individuals can fight with the dominant culture, however I lack such a talent.  Therefore, now, I am spending incredible effort for learning and developing the art of writing.  I do not have any problems with others,  I am concerned only with myself.  This is my duty, the objective in  my creation. I do not  know what Mr.Mehmet has written but, when it comes to the subject of what Ahmet has written I think that they are tiny particles from the science of Allah.  To tell about these to others makes me happy.  In short, it has a very distant connection with the science of Allah.

Is it the same even if  it  is  given by means  of  Mekr (artifice)?   

Well, any action that is made imitatively is mekr, isn’t it ?  Even, in the prayers there is a mechanical aspect.  What do you think is the mental state of  the one  the one who has not  returned  the trust  back to its owner? How does he  live?

Isn’t this accepted as the greatest sin?  Can you find out the  connection between these?  The reflection of  the concepts on the individual should be observed carefully.

Do you like your articles?

As I have mentioned before, please be sure that I do not call these as articles. However, even if  I say that I do not like them there is nothing that I can do.  I do not have the capacity to make extensive research. I do not have a variety of concepts in my mind.  I hope that in time I can make a better gathering of  the concepts in what I write.  In my opinion to be an author is to reflect to the readers the  creativity, the inventive aspect in  the person who is doing the writing.

Is it correct that you are a dominating person?

 It wouldn’t be  considered as too much giving  if I say that I think of an individual more than  anyone  who is very  close to him and I form my actions accordingly.  At the first stage my behaviour gives the impression that I am being  dominating although I do not intend to be like that.  However, I have been criticized very much about this, so I have given up acting  in such a manner.

Do you like gossip?

 Gossip gives me physiological pain.  I do not know if it is necessary to repeat that gossip is very harmful from the mystical point of view too. However, if  the gossip is scientific I love it and I do everything that I can so that everyone can know about it.

At what level is your interest in sports?

I follow the football games very closely as I can realize the act of  reading best during these games.  I  am a supporter of  Fenerbahçe, but  I admire Galatasaray. You can say ‘’This is a wrong mentality! What kind of  a thinking is  this?’’    My answer is that my life is not based on ‘’sentimentality’’.  I  do not have the habit of  magnifying the correct  things and make them shine and blacken the wrong.  The owner of  my innate program has moulded my dough to enable me have a  free conscience and labeled it with telling  the truth.

What do you like most?

To like my enemy and form a whole, unite  with the individual that I like and admire.

Are you talking about a sexual unity? 

Sexual connections are not my style.  What I want to say is to establish the concept of wholeness, unity in the consciousness and to share it.  This does not have any connections with the physical body. It is difficult to explain it, it should be lived.

Whom do you like? 

I like the ones who leave a mark.   Starting with Hz.Rasul of Allah (this is only for the sake of explaining, because I do not dare  to be so sentimental and like him),  Ahmed Hulusi, Stephen Hawking, Einstein, Isaac Newton, Muhittin-i Arabi, Çetin Altan, Abdulkerim Ceyli (Hz), Abdülkadir Geylani (Hz), Tarkan, Omar Hayyam, Yunus Emre, Yahya Kemal, Ernest Hemingway, Dostoyevski and all the others which I cannot remember now. 
This is a rather mixed picture, but  my favorites are these.

From which level do you look at life?

I think that the most logical way of thinking is  to make a concept get reflected in the most objective manner instead of  going into character analysis, confusing psychological solutions and placing emphasis on them. 

Since some time I have been witnessing some awkward behaviour  patterns.   Some of  the humans have stopped getting pleasure from life and they only deal with gossip and with the people around them.

What do you think about the millennium?

The  millennium cannot be  a passion, a mania. It is the observation of  the functions of  the brain at  a high level of technology. Anyone who can get adapted to this  can reap the fruits of  the düþünsel/bilim boyutu***

What do you think of  sainthood?

I can say that it is my ideal. Sainthood  is based on the art of  perceiving the truth. However, my old age seems to be a negative factor for making advancements regarding this and I am not in a position to say ‘’the next time’’ (as there wouldn’t be any next time).

What is the message that you want to give in your articles?

It is noticed that in the people who cannot make a sufficient criticism of  their wishes there is some arrogance. Such arrogant actions are a set back for maturity.  The humans should know how to maintain their stability no matter what happens.  The relations with others should not give the impression  of  ‘’a dog fight’’. Moreover, as a result of training  and experiences we acquire the ability ‘’to be able to live alone/ to be self sufficient’’. At the same time we should resemble the life to a race  and think of handing  over the flag from hand to hand.

What about the taboos?

In order to fly, to have wings, to be free and  to  feel lighter it is necessary to overcome the taboos.  You start as everything, but in the end you should accept to be nothing. However, if you are choosing to  act like a  hero, then the situation would be different. 

Do you mean that you are nothing?

I cannot be nothing!

What are you afraid of?

I am afraid of  the things that have happenned to me.

The things that you are afraid of; have they ever hapenned to you?

The individual should accept anything at any time.

Ýstanbul, February 20th 2005

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