A statement made by Allah’s Rasul Hz.Mohammad (s.a.v) is a clear definition   for those who want to understand and evaluate Islam.  This the subject that I would like to emphasize today.

He  said ‘’There is Allah and there is nothing else’’ in order to explain the wholeness in Islam and to reflect the rule of  tawhid (oneness, unity).

One may ask ‘’What is so special about this statement?  What is in it?’’

There are lots of things.

Before all,  this statement was made to name Islam, to define it and this  fact was known by certain people.

This statement can be explained in detail and this is the duty of those  selected individuals in his community  who were trained/educated  by him (Hz.Mohammad).  However, I have witnessed that for a long time,  nearly  for 30 years, things have not been going on in this way.

During this period it was said  that the religion of Islam is the principle of  facing what one has done and as a result it was a principle of punishment.  According to this principle it was necessary to worship a god (somewhere up above), beg for help and mercy, but whenever the individual wished he would be free to act violently without any restrictions and only for the sake  of  letting the the day go by (only for a short time) he would feel  himself responsible to the creator.

In most unexpected instants  the ordinary people were defending this attitude     instead of defending the truth. Some defended this, because they were cunning (trying to play tricks) and some defended because of  their ignorance.  One after the other speeches were made for the sake of worshipping (a god up above), news was spread around for this purpose, comments were being made, stories were told no matter they were apropriate or not.

This is the reason why the above mentioned statement of Hz.Mohammad (s.a.v) is so important. The real definiton has come out into the open by this hadith.  This is the explanation which is going to shed light to the problem. 

This statement  has proved  and brought  out into the open that in reality the events that have been lived are not separate from each other and that they are so closely connected/combined that they resemble  the flesh of the finger and the nail over it .

From now on, the people who love Islam will have to make their decisions according to this statement and change their egos-the chemistry of  their bodies in accordance with this.

They will either keep on hoping for mercy and help from a god with an artificial understanding  or they will have to look at the events from a universal point  and try to find the absolute being not on  the outside, but within their essence and live it.

When this discrimination (finding) is not made, then it means that the true meaning of Islam has been lost and for the individual this state is described as ‘’he has got stuck in the quicksand made up of   the desires of  the flesh and bone body’’.

Such an understanding (such a way of  thinking)   tries  to create conflicts among people, tries to make the followers look like oneself  and tries to  find  partners for his understanding (way of thinking).

Naturally, life goes on to be a problem for them. In every discussion, (people) try to find out answers for  their questions starting with the expression  ‘’why?’’  and in doing so the disharmonious aspects become more significant.

Actually,  this problem of  adjustment, the disharmony comes to the fore throughout the whole history, because people  a good approach towards this subject could not be made.

Perhaps, it is me who thinks in this way, but  it seems to me that  the reason why our people cannot evaluate our Rasul (s.a.v.) is that they are dealing with useless, unnecessary things, they cannot make their minds work and their attitude is to  think only about  their own benefits.

The reasons for  the  dissociations  must be these.

If, this relation cannot be established and if  the majority of the population does not spend any effort to understand the religion they are being too slow in tryin to understand the religion), then  it is obvious that they wouldn’t be able to go to the upper dimensions.

It would be wrong not be satisifed by the existing conditions and get panicked. Moreover, such activities cannot help one’s psychological unrest, but on the contrary they make one go into a crisis  (feeling bored and exasperated and depressed).

The important and the correct thing is to understand Allah’s Rasul and to understand the definitions that he has put forth. 

May you remain with love and may you be entrusted to Allah.


Madina, October 18th. 2006

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