Self criticism within the framework of  being rational and the physical outlook

It is impossible to overlook the complex relation , the close bonds between the mind and the physical outlook. This is very important so as to make everyone think very deeply over it, especially the people who are proud of  their minds.

Some say ‘’physical outlook’’ is as important as the mind’’, but some defend only the physical aspects  and say that beauty which creates attractiveness means a lot.   Those who are in the second group state their opinions by putting forth various thesis  and in doing so they make lots of blunders  while pointing out that  the primary subject of importance should be the physical aspects  and this quality will take the individual to a more comfortable life.

I can openly say that these statements based on the physical aspects have always been meaningless and unfortunate.

In this respect, the conflicting ideas between the mind and the physical appearance can be summarized as follows:-  First of all let us start with the mind: Although we are aware of  its presence we seem to be unaware of it in the normal daily life  and go on with  our workThe quality of mind is such that even if we know that it is present within us  we behave as if it doesn’t exist until we are in a very difficult position. It is hard for us to describe the mind, but during the times of trouble it becomes concrete and heavy and makes us  feel its breath behind our neck.

By means of  the mind it is possible to solve the problems that could not be solved, it makes   the long distances become closer, the anxieties leave their place to calmness, the useless, imaginary habits are harnessed and the troubles turn into happiness. While all these things are taking place it becomes clear that it is a must for us to  think deeply and for a long time on being rational .

Actually, regarding this subject, as it is in every frame of life and in every religion, in the holy book of Islam, the Quran al Karim too there are several warnings such as  ‘Aren’t you still contemplating?’’

In addition to this let us remember the explanation of  Allah’s Rasul Hz. Muhammad (s.a.v)  as it points out the dimensions that this subject reaches :

You Ali! You come close to Allah by your mind’’.

The meaning of  this statement can be interpreted as ‘When you make your mind functional, then you have certitude in  Allah’’.   Of course, this statement is not limited with Hz.Ali onlyIt covers everybody under the name of   Hz.Ali and it doesn’t mean that the physical activities such as  the  prayers (that are done physically) should be put aside which is another aspect.

Those who point out that mind and the physical aspects should go together  side by side are right, because in many events and belief systems only the presence of the mind is not found sufficientThis should be certified by the actionsFor example, an intelligent person is expected to perform  the necessary actions for praying.  A very intelligent  sports player is not expected to sit down and watch the match without moving.

When we come to the group that gives the primary importance to the physical outlook: -   This group consists of mostly from the young people.  As you know, when the sex hormones act rapidly  they  activate   the stones  of the brain   and  the structure of  the mind changesThis shows that   the young ones  are not capable of  understanding the difference between the mind and the physical aspects.   Just look around and you’ll see that the physical attributes are more popular  than the intelligence, the mind.  Especially, you can find out that the young ones are interested much in this aspectHowever,  we think that they do not have enough experience and they can only perceive the black and the whiteThis life style chosen by the young the people is not only today’s problem, even Plato when he was speaking about the young ones suggests’Do not approach fire with fire’’.  He emphasizes that the physical appearance (beauty) is temporary and what is important is the beauty of  the mind-spirit.

It can be understood that our people who are running after beauty and the material things have made the opposite values a prisoner of  theseTo what extent the understanding which  finds it useless to speak about the mind can be the hope of  the individual This is the point which should be argued.

Whereas, any person who does not have a mind, actually who cannot make use of  this function cannot be succesful in the daily life and he

is not expected to deal with the  mystical subjects let alone becoming a possessor of spirituality.

In our opinion, the best thing is to be  intelligent and the mind and the physical aspects should go hand in hand, because the mind expects a lot from the body and the body expects a lot from the mind.

May you remain with love and may you be entrusted to Allah.


Ýstanbul, January 24th 2008


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