I would like to emphasize the point that in the recent years Islam has become the target of social upheavals and this approach has become very significant now. The problem needs an urgent solution, because these are the anxiety causing aspects of very serious events and developments.

Let us admit it now that the first of  these dominant understandings is the subject of  ‘’turban’’ which has almost become a complex.   The problem of  turban is being used  as a tool to attack the religious identities.  This has become a discomforting problem violating the personal freedoms and rights not only in our country, but in all the Islamic countries and even in non Islamic countries.

Actually,  this concept has to be considered together with the concepts of  freedom and tolerance,  however  amidst  the efforts spent to be like  the west, this approach has become an attack to religion, to holiness.

In spite of  the fact that in some countries a considerable percentage  of  the society has desires in this direction and they find support,  this subject is considered as if  it is  a reaction to progress. It makes us think and wonder why everyone is concerned only with the turban while  there are acute problems for the humanity such as   (hunger/being jobless/the uneven distribution of income and the similar). In addition to these it would be impossible to accept as true the exaggerated statements  that such a condition will create a great discrepancy with  the west.

Following this  I would like to emphasize another point which I think is also important.

I am talking about the caricature crisis which  made millions of  people  protest on the streets in many countries from France to Philippines and at the root of which there lies the aim to humiliate Islam and its great  Rasul Hz. Mohammad. This action  has caused a deep sorrow in the whole Islamic Universe.

In general, the western world knows very well about the sensitivity of  the Islamic religion regarding the pictures and they know very well that especially to draw a picture of Allah’s Nabi and Rasul is strictly prohibited.  However, they have done the opposite  on purpose. It must not  have been difficult for them to  estimate that the pictures  which were not normal, which have been drawn as a caricature would pressure the sensitivity about the holiness and it would be regarded as a humiliation in the Islamic circles.

How would be the reaction when someone from the Islamic universe ridicules the events regarding Hz. Jesus ?

The answer is simple:

Not only among the Christians, but even  in the Islamic world  it wouldn’t be welcome.

The puzzled ones who do not approve the caricatures  have apologized (to avoid any inconvenience), but they do  understand and know the reasons of  this extreme reaction. However, they refrain from punishing the ones who have done this. Thus, they are putting forth their real faces.

These two main concepts have come into being  long before in a sneaky manner and they have been made to turn out into what they are now at present by the accelerators and the triggering actions .  The events that are now taking place are the proof of this. 

Another point that comes into focus is the Sunni-Shiite fight which has started during the  first years of Islam.  Although fourteen centuries have passed this problem could not been solved yet and the tension, the struggle has become more stronger and more widespread. I am perceiving this as a betrayal to holiness no matter who does it.  Today, there are still problems; there are upheavals,  there is bombing and innocent people are being killed.

Nothing more is left!

May you live with love and may you be entrusted to Allah.


London, June 2nd.2006

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