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In my previous article  I have emphasized the situations of  the Islamic communities.  This was the institutional dimension.  However,  in this article I would like to share my  humble thoughts with those who have   freed themselves  from the biological meaning and who have gained new aspects  and who have expanded (mindwise) so as  to cover the feelings for  different modes.  

Now, with your permission I would like to state what I have thought there.

-In the human brain there are nearly 50-100 billion nerve cells/neurons. They communicate and make decisions by means of  an electrical signaling system which contains   nearly 100 trillions of synaptic (electrical) connections).  The brain is placed inside the skull and there is water circulating both inside and outside it.   Every activity has a control center in the brain. Such as the departments  which control the endocrine  system, the control centers for the senses, for  walking and pain and the similar. 

The brain receives one fourth of the blood flow of the heart. If, the brain has the blood gene flowing, then it will have the chance to know its own truth and its origin.

When a paralysis takes place in the right hemisphere of  the brain, then the left side of  the body is effected.   The left side of  the brain operates in those people who use their right hands. In the back part of  the brain there is the center for seeing, in the front part there is the short or medium term memory. The hippocampus and the amigdala which are  placed in the middle part are for the long term memory. 

[Please remember the warning  spoken by Hz. Noah a.s.  in the Koran, Chapter of Hud  56 .... There is not a moving creature on earth, but Hu holds it by its forelock(forehead) * (this is the programming of the brain  by the nature-maker /fatýr)** (for those who are sticked to the words please remember the warning : makes them obey Allah’s rules.]     

The main factors that prepare the brain tumor are the various kinds of radiation.   The  ionized light rays   lead to cancer.   The brain is the control center of   the human organism. The right side of the brain directs the left side of  the body and the left side directs the right side. 

-False  conjecture (wahm) shows up in various forms.  At the beginning phase  it is impossible to recognise it. 

-    Reading the system is possible only by research and by getting purified, refined.  If, this is not so then the human being gossips about it without knowing.  

     Success brings along the emptiness, the hollow feeling  in the individual. If,  he is not careful, then the end result will be a disaster.  This, in a way, means danger.  The more the individual is successful  the emptiness, that hollow feeling  follows him to the same extent.

-    The individual who has not become purified  should not even attempt to approach the positive .

     Performing, working  miracles does not mean that you are a different person than others.  However,  this addiction, this defect can be seen  even in the  saints  who are just at the beginning levels of sainthood. 

Allah should have the priority. Otherwise, all the affairs will be tangled and turn into a mess.  When an individual places more importance to anything other than Allah,  then that thing will continuously  bother and annoy him all the time. Memory is a sign of  the invisible, the unseen  (which cannot be perceived through the five senses).   When the things present in the memory are put on paper then they become the  visible.

The events that Hz. Adam has faced may not have been experienced by another nabi.  There are examples for this.  However, this is named as taqdir (Allah’s decree)***.  The one who believes in this fact wins and the one who denies will prepare his place in hell. 

Bismala****  is the sign of  turning inwards (being inward).

To right down a  whole text  or take notes from that text only  helps  the memory to work. In general, in the human beings the  part of  the memory regarding the names of  the people  is weak.  Whereas, the visual memory helps people to remember some events better. 

When an individual cannot speak about  some events you may  think that they are about a third person, but  it is not so. They are his own weaknesses. .

The things that cannot be done educate and train the things that are being done. 

Because of his nature  the  individual forgets the things that he, himself  has done, but he does not forget what has been done to him.

Hz.Ali radýyallahu anh (may Allah be pleased with him) narrates:-

‘‘Hz. Rasul aleyhissalatu vesselam (may peace be upon him) declared:

When Allah will put the parents  who had a miscarriage into hell,  that child will argue with his Lord (Rabb) and at the end he is ordered

’’You, the child lost by miscarriage; you are rebellious to your Lord (Rabb),  now put your parents into heaven!’’

Upon hearing this  the child lost by miscarriage  will pull them with his umbilical cord  and put them into heaven. ’’

The umbilical cord  is formed by the zygote which is made up of  from the egg of  the mother and the sperm of the father. When this zygote is divided and the cells differentiate, then the umbilical cord  is formed.

The zygote goes and  sticks onto the wall of  the mother’s womb.

When the  zygote cannot stick onto this wall it falls (miscarriage). 

There are many many reasons for the fall/miscarriage after the zygote sticks onto the wall of  the womb.

The genes of  the parents are the umbilical cord. According to the above  medical information it is possible to say the following:
-After a reasonable period to have an abortion intentionally (not a miscarriage) is  a sign showing that the parents are in hell.  The child is also in hell too.   However,  this hadith speaks about a miscarriage which has taken place unwillingly. 

The child lost by miscarriage  seems to argue with his Lord, but this is totally an allegory. The reason is that in such a baby  consciousness has not yet developed.  The truth is that the baby takes his genes from his parents. So, when the parents are destined for heaven  the child by means of his genetics will put forth the behaviour necessary for going to heaven and it will live  till infinity.

-Allah makes  the individual whom he has glorified fall down. This is a rahmet (blessing, compassion) that comes from the direction of  the name rahman (Ar Rahman: The most merciful)

Those who have believed that their truth is the level of  the beautiful names, in a way who have attained the secret of  Aminu B illahi are called as mumin/ believer. So, prayer is their weapon.

The goodness that is being done without consciously will put a barrier to the one  who has done it.

-Hz. David is Allah’s caliph on earth and he has a priority in this respect.  The reason is that Hz. Adam is a nabi (a prophet) who has been subject to expulsion/dismissal .  In addition to this there is a difference in walayat (sainthood) and seniority.

When people request  freedom and equality for everyone,  have they ever thought whether these wishes are valid for the system?

For an example, can the human  being go to the planets which are millons of light years away? Will he have the necessary power to do that?  Can everyone become an Harun al Raţid?  If we had been at the same level of perception would Allah’s Rasul  say ‘’I hope that I would have the Maqam Mahmud. *****

So,the human being struggles between his  freedom  and not knowing what to do with it. 

-The brain that has had a trauma cannot control his ego. Our dreams cannot meet our expectations.  Most of  the time they make the human being ashamed. 

When the mind, the wisdom  overcomes, then the body is made passive.

Our human identity (based on five senses)   deals with and tours around perception, disputes and the structure of  the society.

The quality cannot be made quantitative.

Loyalty is tested by the things one has been entrusted with.

The individual who loves himself much cannot love anyone else  as much as himself.

Peace of mind  is being lived/ experienced by accepting the one who is not like  yourself.

The main quality that differentiates the human being from other living things  is that  he is being noticed.

Hope to meet you in another article, may you remain well.


*    Ahmed Hulusi; Mohammed’s Allah.

**  Ahmed Hulusi; Islam

***Ahmed Hulusi; Islam

****Bismala (Arabic: بسملة‎) or Basmillah[1] (Arabic: بسم الله‎) is an Arabic noun that is used as the collective name of the whole of the recurring Islamic phrase b-ismi-llāhi r-raḥmāni r-raḥīmi. This phrase is recited before each sura except for the ninth sura; according to others it constitutes the first verse of 113 suras/chapters of the Qur'an, and is used in a number of contexts by Muslims. It is recited several times as part of Muslim daily prayers, and it is usually the first phrase in the preamble of the constitutions of Islamic countries.

It is often said as a Prayer, in short form, as an utterance. To say, "Bismillah" is to Protect, Bless and ask for God's Sovereign Will over any Endevour.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

b-ismi-llāhi r-raḥmāni r-raḥīm

In the name of God, Most Gracious   (

*****Maqam Mahmud: ‘‘A glorious station’’ or a place in heaven said to be reserved for Hz.Muhammad. It is mentioned in the xvýýth chapter of  the Quran verse 81; ‘‘It may be that thy Lord will raise thee to a glorious station.’’ (, a Dictionary of Islam)

Ýstanbul - December 28 th 2010


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