Being aware of  timelessness in time

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     Time is a concept in the solar system that comes into being by the tour of the planets around the sun and especially by the tour of the planet earth around its own axis.

     As it is known, the day and night and the years are formed in this way.  There is also the tour of  the sun around the Milky way.  This lasts exactly 255 million years.

This is not a unit of measurement which can be understood.

     In addition to this we speak of time according to the events that have been lived.  Such as  since …..,  before ….., after……’and so on.

     For example, sometimes times we complain  and say  ‘’time  doesn’t pass’, but sometimes we say ‘’we couldn’t notice how the hours have passed’’ which points out that our happiness is at its peak.

     Whereas, the time we know is the same. It is neither sweet nor bitter.  This never changes. As we are living in the solar system this is the situation.  It is said that time passes very slowly or it can never be noticed….

     When we are bored, unhappy, we  want to get rid of this mood immediately and we blame the time and  we say that it flows slowly as an excuse.

     However, during the periods when we are happy with joy we do not remember it much. We wish that this special moment should never change.  Due to the rapid passing hours we say ‘’how quick the time has passed!’’  

     Solving (understanding) the time is not related to the events  that are being lived  on the planet earth.

     For an example,  is there time in hell?  When such a question comes to our minds we should  answer ‘’yes’’.  As the human mind would not be able to understand the  concept of billions of years  Allah’s Rasul (s.a.v)   has said ‘’They will be staying in hell forever’’ and he had defined us the short history of time. 

     Is there any place where we want the time to stop and do not want it to pass?

     The answer to this question is  the dimension of ‘Heaven’ in the afterlife.

The reason is that there is no time (any concept of time) in Heaven.

     If, the human mind thinks that time forms as a result of  the  function of  the planets  in the solar system, if he could perceive this and like having another body within a body, it can be noticed that within the time  there is another time.

     In summary, if he could just go deep down to the original time, if he could only imagine what kind of a thing it is,   his problems, his cries,  all his complaints  in  life will become less such that  they will  almost disappear.

     In case this continues, I think that it would be appropriate to say that  the human being may reach the ‘’eternal happiness’’.

     The  (light body)  of  hell makes one suffer due to the low performance of  the individual and makes him live the  events that throw one to ground. All these point out the existence of time.  However,  as heaven is  the quant dimension and as this dimension has no relation with locality, (there is no concept of place) , it points out that in heaven time does not exist.

     This is the reason why  the angels do not die.

Regarding this explanation it is possible to say;  if there is locality/place, then there is time too.  If, there is no time, then there is no place.

     A statement of our Rasul Hz. Muhammad (s.a.v) sheds light to these explanations.

     He, with his order ‘’Die before death comes to you’’ points out the timelessness in a way.

‘’Is it possible to experience timelessness here in this world?’’

     The answer to this question will of course be ‘’Yes’’.  The ones, who in this world die in the state of (who have attained the spiritual level of) ‘’Haqq el Yaqin’’ have acquired this attribute.

     A humble person who survives as a physical being, as a physical existence, who thinks about his future, who eats, drinks, makes sex, who does not interfere with anything, who does not care about making research, whose mental activities are limited” won’t be able to think about these.

     I do not know if it has attracted your attention.  A small child never speaks of time, because he is not concerned about the past nor the present.  In this case it can be said that the child is living the instant even if it is ‘’imitative’’. 

     We can apply  the same idea to those who are  in love. The one who loves may not live the time too.  To say it openly, he cannot be aware of time.  He is always together with the person he loves. There is never a time lapse between him and the other person, so, in such a case  how would he become aware of  time?

     He even does not think of it.  There is only love in his thoughts. (He only thinks of love).

     In this way the person who is in love does not have anything to do with time.

     Now, I am passing over to another point.

     Kashf  (vision, instinctitual intuition, the witdrawing of a veil) and Fath (openness, conqurrence)!

     These are the attributes that are found in the people who are found  in the  dynamic sections of  the society and whose Islamic living references are very strong powerful. They start doing work at the very top levels of the perfection of sainthood (walayat)with knowledge/ilm.

     Kashf, is to read the thoughts by the feelings, the ability to control the events or to know them beforehand.  Fath is more higher, in addition to the correct and strong information it is to see the events in the visible dimension without the concept of  past-present or close-far…. We can add to these attributes to live (experience) the timelessness.

     Wherever there is emptiness, wherever something  will happen at first this group knows about it and the (new born matters)  reach the maturity phase according to their wishes.

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Ýstanbul - 08.12.2010