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     I know that it is very difficult to forgive. It seems difficult to forgive someone who made you live, experience the events which are hard to forget which have stretced you so to say. However, in spite of all these I am thinking that it is necessary to give a chance to ‘’the person who should be forgiven.’’

     The reason is that there isn’t any  faultless person and the life on this world is temporary.  By the description of Allah’s Rasul ‘’It is similar to the journey of  a bedouin in the desert.  During his journey he finds a tree in the oasis  and  he rests in the shade.’’ This all what the life on earth is  about.

     So, why to develop a grudge against others?

     In the end, the one who forgives and the one who makes mistakes will be melted in the same pot and the return  will be to the Creator.

     In this respect  ‘catching this opportunity in this world’’ would really be something magnificent.

     With reference to the above information let us turn and look at ourselves;  shall we let our grudge continue or  shall we get purified and open an extremely clean  page.

     Which one shall we choose?

     Shall we choose to get locked up within (entangled in )what is being lived, and while burning  with the feelings of revenge shall we make others suffer  in response to the pain and suffering we had  and continue to live  by radiating negative energy all the time?

     Or shall we go beyond our   set moulds  and say ‘’ behind every action which is incomplete and defective Allah is present ’’ and put this knowledge into practice in our lives.

     It is obvious that  to forgive is a great virtue and it is an action which is appropriate for us.

     The thought system centered around tawhid (oneness) favors forgiving.

     Therefore, the individual should approach the matter from this perspective no matter what kind of  a thing has been done to him by whom at any time and any place.

     Perhaps, this should be the only virtue that he could have.

     Going on with one’s  life as if nothing has happenned is a perfection.

     If,  punishment is necessary, then this act should certainly be made in accordance with the name ‘’muntaqim’’  (one of  Allah’s beautiful names).

     This means that it (the punishment) should be applied  in such a manner   that it should show the individual his mistake and make him realise his mistake fully.

     Afterwards,  the matter should be dropped (no more worries about the matter).

     If , this is the case, then…

     I know that it is not an easy task, but I think that the individual should not surrender to his feelings and fight for this purpose.

     In the society there are people who listen to the mystical warnings  and control their emotions by overcoming their nature, that is  they release themselves from the limitations imposed upon them by the composition of  the names (which make up their nature) and they feel warm about  the concept of forgiving. However, there are also the ones who never  make  any concessions regarding a fault, an accusation that has been made to him,  without thinking what the feeling of revenge takes away from him and who live amidst a flood of emotions.

     For example, the Rasul of Allah (s.a.v) has forbidden the blood feud, but there are the ones who carry the  problems till to this point.  They try to take as a basis the matter of  retaliation (an eye for an eye as if there were one) and try to make it legitimate.

     However, they are totally mistaken, because the subject is not retaliation, but it  straightly goes into the dimension of  revenge and here the decision is made by the individual or the individuals.Whereas in the retaliation the decrees prevail.

     If, you want to save the individual who has made a mistake from the torment of hell and open new doors for him, then this thought of yours is very important for the person whom you have forgiven as well as for yourself.

     In the first place, the person who forgives breaks down the walls that has been built around him and by obeying, being in harmony with the decrees enters the path to become a human being and starts saving  himself from being animal like.

     You see, how a simple example about forgiving takes  the individual to certain points.

     I know that some will be angry with me because I have said these, but what will anger and rage will bring ?

     I do not know what you think, but I personally respect those who are able to forgive.

     The reason is that  grudge and hatred wouldn’t bring you anything.

     Moreover,  isn’t it very egotistic  to have a grudge?  Do you find it appropriate to make life miserable for someone due to your own fury? Is it  appropriate in terms of manners and your conscious as well?

     Isn’t it the time to give a chance to ourselves, to the society and our friends?

     We have to stop, think and start again and show the strength and the determinism to create the future.

     We must not be someone who has been lost amidst fury and whose name is never mentioned, but we must be one of  those rare people who looks at life from wide perspectives and who succeed to overcome the motives of  the flesh and bone body.

     And this is in our hands.

     I think being chosen as a caliph is sufficient for this purpose.


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Ýstanbul - 03.11.2010