Sufficient nutrition in the brain factor

I am writing these lines not for the purpose of  opposing the ones who do not care about a balanced diet, but for  emphasizing the wrong points of view in the society regarding  the balanced diet.

My dear friends;

In order to understand the world in which we are living it is a must to have a healthy brain.   By reading (understanding) our brains we can understand ourselves better and accept in a more logical way the truth which we could not  perceive or which we were apt to reject. 

The best way to have a healthy brain is in relation  with having   sufficient nutrition. The reason is that we do not know into what kind of waves/consciousness  the energy obtained from the food that we  eat gets transformed.

However, the concrete thing  is that the random food input  and the vitamins effect the consciousness negatively.

Therefore, it is possible to model and shape the life span of the brain and examine the results.

It is necessary to underline two important conclusions in relation with our subject.

The first :

One remembers at first the principal of  ‘’ending a meal while you are still hungry’’ as it has been stated by the Rasul of Allah. We can add  to this eating little by little and often.  This is beneficial for  making the metabolism active thus making the digestion easier and keeping the brain active and working.

Therefore, it is necessary to stop the exaggerated  food intake to the body  and it is compulsory to choose light foods (that can be easily digested).

In case of  feeling physically tired one may choose to take Vitamin B, Antioxidants (Selenium, Vitamin C) and Zinc.  Also, Gingko Biloba and honey are important because they help to increase the blood flow   to the brain and make it possible to use the glucose for a short time. Especially, during the spring season  it is necessary to keep this factor in mind.  The cafein drinks cannot  prevent this tiredness and they are only a mask.  When taken in excessive amounts they may lead to rhythm disorders.

The most important effect of  Vitamin E is that it is an antioxidant and prevents cancer. In addition to this I will suggest magnesium too. 

It has positive effects on the blood pressure, it decreases the stress and relaxes the muscles.  These are very important  for the life in the big cities. 

As you know, the carbohydrates are the source of energy for the body, however they should be taken when needed and in sufficient amounts.  We shall say the same for the protein foods. When we mention the proteins the first thing that comes to the mind is MEAT.  It is necessary to eat meat  twice or three times per week.

The second conclusion is for those  people who are not interested in having a sufficient nutrition, whose income level does not always enable them  to have the above mentioned nutrients and who try to by pass the principles regarding this system by an obstinate understanding of  fate.

The bells of  danger are ringing for the people in this group.

As it is known the fat people are the ones -with a few exceptions- who eat junk food and whose brains do not work because of  this.   The reason is that every kind of  food that is being eaten by saying ‘’Oh! That is mouth watering’’ has some kind of  an effect. In this respect it is easy to see the negative results of  the tasty food consumed carelessly for pleasure  or  even the negative results of  the vitamins taken for becoming stronger upon  the recommendations of  people who are not experts.

However, how come the individual cannot arrange his eating system in a balanced way and in spite of all the warnings  nothing changes in his eating habits?

This is the most interesting point.  We should not forget that the powers of  the brain are being needed more in the dimensions of life.

The real human being is the one who can control himself  in such situations from which a lesson should be taken.

Istanbul, May 19th 2005

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