There can be a certain extent of logic in the concept of  being possessive. It is logical for an individual to be possessive in certain subjects such as his children, his spouse, his income which he has earned and deserved as well as the benefits of his country.  This is a right given to him.  However, in case of an extremist event (between some parties) it wouldn’t be nice if  the individual seems to be on the side of  one  specific party or if he seems to possess something or some  idea.

Meanwhile,  those with a critical mind may ask us the question ‘’What is wrong in this?’’.

Let me ask another question in return:  How can we explain the attitude of a specific group (who has become  almost like a school of thought) to possess and  see Islam only as their own? This is not all!  Moreover,  they make a formal declaration sttaing that  reading the books of  someone who has understood Allah, who has become the  king of  the hearts with these writings is not  in accordance with the religion. By saying so they prohibit these books without hesitating.  Isn’t this a big mistake?

When I  witnessed such attitudes personally, then I had the impression that this group was  having a panic attack  and they were very anxious  to get something?

There must be  a very simple explanation for this which is:-

To possess the religion!

Let us look at what Napoleon says ‘’The pen is sharper then the sword. Everything can be broken, but the pen is not broken. There are two things in the world :The sword and the idea.  The sword has always been defeated by the idea.’’

The main thing is that a person who has  completely diverged from the correct way of thinking is inviting the society to a nihilistic belief system in spite of  all his eloquence. It is not appropriate for  the ones who aim for the richnes of  the spirit to do such things which leave behind even the ones with materialistic ideas.  In my opinion,  the attitude of this group should not be like this.

It can be understood that these people cannot even be like the possessors of  the holy books  and there is no other solution except wishing that  may Allah let them have the capacity of judgement and thought.

On the other hand, both Islam and the science of Sufism which is  considered as its essence  take into consideration the wholeness of this world and the afterlife realm and invite the individual to avoid the extremes strongly. In addition to this with a  rational approach it wants the concept of  possessing to be avoided.

In summary, there are very interesting and serious warnings in the Koran and the hadiths in order not to get carried away by the things that we are going to leave in this world. As a matter of fact,  the Koran is telling us in a striking way ‘’The life on this world is only a game and fun’’.

Moreover, when someone who has already realized that he does not exist in Allah’s science surrenders to such a negative feeling, then this  is similar to  returning to the point where he has started. The most concrete example for this can be seen between the trainer and the trainee.  If, the trainer looses his self control and diverts from his line, then all of a sudden and in a very interesting way he is within the sphere of influence of  the  trainee.

I think that you all may have witnessed such astonishing events in the daily life.

It is necessary to be careful about the slippery grounds and the desires to possess.

With love. May you be entrusted to Allah.

Istanbul, May 5th. 2006

Üst Ana sayfa e-mail