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     The human being  is responsible  to the society.

     How much is he responsible, how is he responsible, is there any  limit for this?
What happens if he does not fulfill his responsibilities?

     All of these have to be answered.

     The reason is that being irresponsible may fool one and lead him to be violent/ to be forceful, make him beg and motivate him to lie and to steal.

     You may repair ‘’a lie’’ that you have told. You may give up using force.    In a way, deceiving a loved one may be considered among the things that can be prevented.

     However,  theft  is different.

     Moreover, this attribute  cannot be deleted.  It is not possible for one to get rid of  this dirt that has spread  over him.

     No matter how much you struggle,  no matter how much you tear yourself down  it is of  no use, because the intention is bad.

     The mystical dimension which determines beforehand the future of  the individuals  and determines what they can do by the social rules,  has taken the necessary precautions. As a result, the mystical dimension has made those people to pay for  the act of theft that they  have done without fail.

     Since the beginning of   history, among the people many names who have been powerless  and who wanted to ruin their  image have been grinded by this merciless grindstone.

If , there hadn’t been the precautions we can say that the system wouldn’t have continued as it is now.

     The people for whom a decision of arrest had been given by the justice would wander easily among the people and continue with their  habits.

     At the top of  the habit list  there is the  stealing/theft.

     The human approaches   this because he is hungry.  Also, he may act by thinking  ‘’the others have such and such things, why shouldn’t I have the same, why not’’   and chooses the easy way, therefore he acts in the same manner.

     Aren’t we witnessing those who do this just for the sake of pleasure (cleptomania) and not because they are in need.

     There may be such a problem in his  genes, therefore he steals without knowing the reason why and chooses to be equal to someone who belongs to the lowest class of  the society.

     He does this although he knows very well what will happen to him in the end.

     As a result, when the human being forgets his responsibilities he becomes entangled in  this.    In the society we witness  how   pure small children (mothers’ pets)   are entangled with this  through heart breaking scenes.  Of course, another important point that  I want to tell is  the lack of  faith.

     Living in the correct way is a responsibility it is the relation between the nafs (the ego), the mind  and the spirit.  Of course,  all of  these start functioning by the faith factor.

     If, there is not such a thing, then the individual does not consider anything as an obstacle and does this (stealing). If, he does it once, then the rest comes. We can see the examples and we are following them from the written and visual media.

     For that reason, when the arrow leaves the  bow (this is an idiom indicating  the point of no return)  the sentences which begin by  "brotherhood, Muslimism, bad things…"  do not make the expected effect and they are heard by one ear  and go  out from the other.

     The emptiness between the thought and the action enables the formation of this act.   In spite of  the fact that there is going to be  much pain this action continues without stopping.

     The pressure to prevent the theft will not make the end result change and showing the stick under the coat ( threatening in a veiled style and not openly) will not be a solution.  However, it is possible to choose the right path and act correctly only by means of  continuous suggestions.

     The one who wants to come out of  this  stick sand should be sincere and listen to what is being told with surrender.  In this manner he can see that his ideas are wrong. Howeever,   there is nothing to do for the one  who say that ‘’Theft,( being a thief, stealing) is right for me’’.

     We can list the negative results of  theft  as follows:- First of all let us summarize the subject  for  the one who has become  the martyr.  The act of  theft causes this person to loose a belonging which he has acquired through reasonable ways. In this manner,  he remains  puzzled, bewildered  for a certain period  and his brain gets locked up and he becomes a person in need although he does not deserve it.  The plans which he had made until that time cannot be put into practice and he is left alone with serious problems.

     Wheras, the thief  is  stressfull, emotionally upset  by the fact that he has owned something without working.  However,  as it has become habitual he overcomes this problem.   He comes into such a state that he cannot feel anything.  He becomes like a floating mine  and goes aorund without giving any signal to others.  Even if he does not do anything he keeps on deceiving the people.

     Of course, the most important  side of  the subject is regarding the mystical dimension.   The one who makes a habit of stealing comes to the point of loosing his faith.

     By the principle "you get back in return  even the minute evil, harm that  you have done" , we can say that very difficult conditions are waiting for him.

     Moreover,  the act of stealing locks up the brain and stops it from being productive (efficient).  It cuts off the process of  repentance and makes one unable to repent.

     The person whose theft has been proved should confess what he has done without  exploiting the feeelings, the emotions of the others  and he should make a strong promise that he would never do such a thing again. He should accept  this  and  save himself from this malady.

     If not, the beginning  has within it the end result.

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